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A Special Friend for Little Miss Lucky is the 7th episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first aired on 20 February, 1996.


Little Miss Lucky invited Mr. Uppity, Mr. Grumble and Little Miss Bossy over every Sunday, but eventually, after Miss Lucky wins at both a board game and skittles they start to become sick of how lucky she is and ditch her, with Mr. Uppity kicking one of the balls when he leaves, which ends up hitting Mr. Bump in the head. Mr. Bump later returns the ball and asks her what's wrong and she explains to him about how nobody wants to play with her anymore thanks to how lucky he is. Mr. Bump states that even with his completely opposite disposition, he'd still play with her regardless, however, he ends up tripping over a skittle, which causes him to crash into a tree, propelling him into a bed, which bounces him into the streets, much to Miss Lucky's surprise, but Mr. Bump assures her that he's used to it.

A bus then arrives, which Mr. Bump also ends up bumping into, launching him on a clothesline, which propels him through town, his luck shocking Miss Lucky. Later, Miss Lucky asks how Mr. Bump is able to be so unlucky, with his response being "I don't know, but I'd be surprised if it's over". He then bumps into a sign and later a tree, causing him to fall into a pothole. Lastly, he demonstrates one thing he commonly has to put up with thanks to his luck, and that is having a flowerpot fall onto his head.

After all that, Mr. Bump decides to have a go at the skittles game Miss Lucky was playing earlier, however, he misses the skittles, but to his luck, the ball hits him in the back, causing him to tumble into the skittles, although Miss Lucky still counts it as a win. Now Miss Lucky has a friend who will not only play with her on Sundays, but is also lucky enough to win the games as well.



  • On video tapes, it was titled "Little Miss Lucky's Special Friend".
  • Even though Gordon Peters narrates the episode, the title card is narrated by Jimmy Hibbert.
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