A Very Happy Day For Mr. Happy and 12 Other Stories is a VHS tape released in the UK and Australia by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Delta. It has features of the VHS and DVD.

It contains 13 episodes from the 1995 Mr. Men and Little Miss TV Series.

UK VHS First Release

UK VHS and DVD and Australian VHS Release

  • A very happy day for Mr. Happy
  • Mr. Clever's daft bet
  • What a mess, Little Miss Helpful
  • Little Miss Tidy and the winning ticket
  • Mr. Dizzy promises the moon
  • Mr. Forgetful, the world's best actor!
  • Mr. Busy - Hello, Pizza Express?
  • Mr. Clumsy, head butler
  • Mr. Impossible's lesson
  • Little Miss Star goes to Jollywood
  • Mr. Clever's invention
  • Little Miss Chatterbox finds her calling
  • Mr. Skinny's incredible bet


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