Abbey Home Media (previously known as Tempo Video) is a children's VHS/DVD company which have released several kids shows on DVD for years and years. Other shows they released include Sooty, SuperTed, Sesame Street, Paddington Bear, Horrid Henry and many more.


  • Mr. Men and Little Miss Six Original Stories
  • Little Miss Sunshine and Friends
  • Mr. Men Complete Series 1 (2017 version)
  • Mr. Men Complete Series 2 (2017 version)
  • Little Miss Complete Series (2017 version)
  • The Great Alphabet Hunt (VHS/DVD versions)
  • NSPCC Children's TV Favourites Volume 2 (Little Miss Trouble)
  • The Biggest Ever Pre-School Video Volume 1 (Little Miss Splendid/Near)
  • The Biggest Ever Pre-School Video Volume 2 (Little Miss Magic/Scatterbrain)
  • The Biggest Ever Christmas Collection (Christmas Rescue)
  • Children's TV Favourites (Little Miss Magic)
  • My Favourite TV Friends (Little Miss Naughty)
  • Pre-School Fun Time (excerpts from The Great Alphabet Hunt)
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