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Amusement Park is the seventeenth episode (first part of the ninth episode) of Season 1 of The Mr. Men Show.


Little Miss Whoops' Ferris wheel leaves the Mr. Men spinning; Little Miss Calamity gets into a sticky situation involving candy floss; and a stalled roller coaster can't stall a determined Mr. Stubborn.


  • Mr. Persnickety, Miss Daredevil and Mr. Rude's Plot: Little Miss Daredevil goes on an extreme ride, but Mr. Persnickety does not. Unfortunately, however, when he sits on a bench to wait for her, he finds out the bench is part of a ride itself, and Mr. Rude sends him on it!
  • The Ferris Wheel's Plot: Everyone was riding a Ferris wheel, but Miss Whoops makes it terrifying due to a mishap with her candy apple. Mr. Grumpy tickles a queasy Mr. Tickle, Miss Scary enjoys the experience while Mr. Nervous becomes terrified, Mr. Strong knocks off Mr. Bounce after accidentally removing the safety bar, and not much happens to Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Quiet (as Miss Chatterbox is paralyzed with fear and Mr. Quiet fell asleep).
  • Mr. Stubborn's Plot: Everyone goes on a rollercoaster, then they get stuck in a loop, but Mr. Stubborn says they aren't. Luckily everyone but Mr. Stubborn is saved by Mr. Strong and Mr. Scatterbrain (Mr. Stubborn refused to leave).
  • Mr. Lazy and Miss Calamity's Plot: Miss Calamity makes cotton candy (candy floss in the UK) for Mr. Lazy, which ends in disaster.
  • Mr. Nervous' Plot: Mr. Nervous imagines he's riding a rocket around the city. It's really shown he's in an amusement park full of rockets. (Deleted in the UK and Canada)



  • Mr. Nervous' video is in this episode.
  • This is the first time Mr. Tickle got tickled by another character.

Dub edits

  • When the Ferris wheel starts going haywire, Mr. Bounce says "Oh, my creamed corn!". This was changed to "Oh my dearie me!" in the dub.
  • "Cotton candy" is swapped out for "candyfloss".


  • The official upload's description states that Mr. Bump was in Little Miss Whoops' plot.


"Mr. Tickle: I think I'm going to be sick."
— Unknown
"Mr. Grumpy: (With an 'evil' smile) Looks like someone needs a tickle. (He goes on to tickle Mr. Tickle.)"
— Unknown
"I didn't know you worked here..."
Mr. Grumpy to Little Miss Whoops who was taking control of the Ferris wheel
"I insist you to put me back on the ride!"
Mr. Stubborn when he is not satisfied with the rescue by Mr. Strong



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