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An Invitation for Mr. Messy is the 12th and final episode of the first season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 31 December, 1995.


Little Miss Scatterbrain invites Mr. Messy to her party. Something the latter isn't used to attending. To be polite, he gets her an umbrella from his trash bin. Mr. Messy runs into Mr. Rush, who is also heading to Little Miss Scatterbrain's house. So, he gives Mr. Messy a ride to her house. Mr. Messy unintentionally gets the car dirty trying to wipe a speck of dust off the windshield.

They meet up with Little Miss Scatterbrain and Little Miss Neat at the party, Mr. Rush leaves almost immediately after eating a few biscuits in one bite. He ends up slowing down on the way out after the umbrella Mr. Messy got for Little Miss Scatterbrain breaks upon opening and causes a flower pot to fall onto Mr. Rush's head. Mr. Messy ruins Little Miss Neat's food trying to find the right pastry to eat and gets her messy after kicking marmalade all over her. Little Miss Neat leaves to wash up only to be given an unexpected goodbye kiss from Mr. Messy, making her feel really awkward.

Before leaving, Mr. Messy helps Little Miss Scatterbrain put up her white curtains, which he gets all dirty and ironically points it out. (But of course Little Miss Scatterbrain thought it was beautiful). As Mr. Messy walks home, he runs into Mr. Rush again. As Mr. Rush drives home, his car splashes mud all over Mr. Messy, but Mr. Messy likes it because he's Mr. Messy!


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The transcript for "An Invitation for Mr. Messy" can be found here.


  • In this episode Mr. Messy's behavior is a clear example of a socially awkward person.
  • It is revealed that Little Miss Neat dislikes Mr. Messy.
  • When Mr. Messy kissed Little Miss Neat, it could most likely be an obscure reference to the term "The Messy Gentleman".
  • This episode was first broadcast on New Year's Eve 1995.


  • When Mr. Messy says "Well I'd better be going, thank you for inviting me!", he is smiling with his mouth open. Yet his lips aren't moving even though he's talking.
  • When Mr. Messy is sticking his finger in the milk and the pastries, Little Miss Scatterbrain's gloves disappeared.
    • They disappeared again when Little Miss Neat leaves and when Mr. Messy leaves in the end.


An inbitation for mr messy



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