Arby's is a fast-food resuraunt founded in 1964. It's primarly known for selling Roast beef sandwiches,Curly Fries,salads,chicken sandwiches,Popcorn Chicken (Now Strips),Milkshakes and other fast food items. Its mainy known for selling Mr. Men and Little Miss figurine's back in the 1980's to promote the books. In October 2010 the resasumed a Mr. Men Little Miss promotion mainly to focus on The Mr. Men Show.For the 1980's figurines they sold Mr. Bounce,Little Miss Shy,Mr. Rush,Mr. Funny,Mr. Tickle,Little Miss Late,Little Miss Giggles,Mr. Bump,Little Miss Naughty,Mr. Greedy,Mr. Nosey,Mr. Strong,Mr. Daydream,Little Miss Helpful,Little Miss Sunshine,Little Miss Splendid,Mr. Mischief,Mr. Silly,Mr. Clever,Mr. Sneeze, snd Little Miss Scatterbrain.For the 2010 promotion they sold Mr. Happy,Little Miss Sunshine,Mr. Strong,Mr. Tickle,Little Miss Helpful,Little Miss Daredevil and a Collector Deck.For the 2010 Promotion for there 1$ value menu many Mr. Men Show characters promoted the food on that menu for example Mr. Happy and Mr. Lazy promotes the Curly Fries,Mr. Grumpy snd Little Miss Sunshine promotes the Apple Turnover,Mr. Messy promotes the cherry turnover,Mr. Nervous and Little Miss Scary promote the Jamocha Shake,Little Miss Helpful and Little Miss Daredevil promote their Chicken Sandwich,Mr. Funny protes the Chedder Melt sandwich and Mr. Strong and Little Miss Bossy promote their Roast Beef Sandwitch.

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