Big Mess[1] is a song sung by Mr. Messy in Cooking.


So, what if I'm messy, I'm not that kind of dressy?

I might spill a little

My back is itchin' in the kitchen, come on

But you know you want some more

I cook with soul then I make a jam roll

And I get it all on the floor!

I'm hardly tidy, cause I only clean on Friday

I don't like it, I must confess

You all know my name, and don't you forget it

I'm the one they call the Big Mess!

Bakin' a cake, I'm making the Big Mess!

Spaghetti, I'm making the Big Mess!

Cookin' a meat loaf, I'm making the Big Mess!

Mac and cheese, I'm making the Big Mess!


  • In the UK, Mr. Messy says 'burger' instead of 'mac'.



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