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Books is the seventh episode (first part of the fourth episode) in Season 1 of The Mr. Men Show.


Mr. Bump finds himself in a bind at the bookmaking factory; Mr. Rude practices his manners at Little Miss Chatterbox's house; and Mr. Per(s)nickety's reading opportunities are shelves after his visit to the library.


  • Mr. Bump and Miss Whoops’ Plot: Mr. Bump gives Miss Whoops a tour of the book factory but she broke the machine and Mr. Bump got caught in there and got caught into a book shape. Then Mr. Nervous opens the book Mr. Bump turned into and gets afraid and says “It’s alive!”.
  • Mr. Rude, Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Strong and Mr. Messy’s Plot: Mr. Rude gets an audiobook about being polite while having lunch with Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Strong, and Mr. Messy. In the end, it doesn't turn out well. (Deleted in Japan)
  • Miss Helpful’s Plot: Miss Helpful advertises her new book called “Miss Helpful’s Helpful Hints for Everyday Living”, which gives everyone catastrophic results.
  • Mr. Persnickety and Mr. Noisy’s Plot: Mr. Noisy is the librarian at the library and tries to tell Mr. Persnickety not to be so loud, even though he's the one making all the noise.
  • Mr. Grumpy, Miss Sunshine and Mr. Small’s Plot: Mr. Grumpy sells his autobiography and waits to get his autograph. When Mr. Small showed up he bought all of them.


  • There is a Dance Video featuring Mr. Nervous with reused animation from the episode most likely to fill time. It was removed in the UK broadcast.
  • Books might have taken place after Inventions. (based on Mr. Rude's behavior in this episode and Miss Chatterbox inventing the polite-o-phone)
  • Mr. Noisy’s Video is in this episode.
  • Mr. Rude was listening to his audiobook “How to be Polite” with an iPod nano (it looks a lot like the older skinny Nanos).
  • First appearance of Angry Heads.
  • In this episode, instead of the usual “I’ll give you ______,” Mr. Rude says, “I’ll unlock something.”
  • Mr. Rude’s Video is in this episode.
  • Mr. Stubborn is not in this episode.


Books Title Card.png

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