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Canned Goods is the twenty-fourth episode (second part of the twelfth episode) of Season 1 of The Mr. Men Show.


Mr. Rude unleashed his uncanny ability; Little Miss Naughty concocts a sweet corn scam; Little Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump process beans.


  • Miss Naughty's Plot: Miss Naughty switches cans, she switched snails with creamed/sweet corn for money, the Mr. Men and Little Misses accidentally got canned snails, and she sells creamed/sweet corn door to door, she gave Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small their creamed/sweet corn but she failed to give some to Miss Chatterbox, because she dropped her wagon and spilled them all over Miss Whoops' can truck.
  • Mr. Rude, Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine's Plot: Mr. Rude guests on Good Morning Dillydale and has to remember what the bean cans are without looking, but by smell and taste.
  • Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Stubborn's Plot: Mr. Stubborn, with a broken arm, gets a can of soda, but has trouble opening it. Mr. Grumpy offers to help, though Mr. Stubborn denies his help. The two fight a bit before Mr. Grumpy, after the can's unknowingly shook, finally opens the can, with the soda spraying on him for a good few seconds. As Mr. Grumpy stands soaking wet, Mr. Stubborn leaves, saying, "That can is cheap!" (Not in the UK)
  • Mr. Bump, Miss Whoops and Mr. Tickle's Plot: Mr. Bump, Miss Whoops and Mr. Tickle sort out pea cans, but Mr. Bump is pushed in a can and is sent to Mr. Scatterbrain who offers Mr. Bump to eat sauerkraut with him and his penguin friends.


Miss Calamity working around with canned goods, but get knocked over by Miss Whoops.

  1. Miss Calamity stacked cans of corn, but Miss Whoops took a can of the bottom and causes it to topple down. Miss Calamity fell into the cans.
  2. Miss Calamity is dusting the shelf of cans, when Miss Whoops enters by and gets a can, but didn't like what it was and places it back. This causes the shelf to go back and hit Miss Calamity.
  3. Miss Calamity gets back at Miss Whoops by unloading her bag of canned goods onto Miss Whoops. Miss Calamity then gets a giant can falling onto of her out of nowhere.


Voice Cast[]




The transcript for "Canned Goods" can be found here.


  • Miss Whoops inadvertently stops Miss Naughty's pranks in Miss Naughty's plot
  • This episode makes it imply that Dillydale is a big country, as the crate of canned peas travelled from the ocean and desert.
  • This is the only time Miss Chatterbox's house is placed on top of a hill.
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of the scene where Little Miss Chatterbox calls Mr. Nervous was shown in Renegade's interview with Lynda.
  • This is the only time the Angry Heads appear twice.

Dub edits[]

  • Miss Chatterbox says that spiders eat bad bugs in the US, but she says flies in the UK.
  • In the US, when Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy open their can of snails, Mr. Small exclaims "Egads!", but in the UK, he exclaims "I say!".
  • The first two scenes where Mr. Rude farts are cut out in the Arabic dub.
  • "Garbanzo beans" is swapped out for "butter beans".
  • "Creamed corn" is swapped out for "sweet corn".


  • When Mr. Fussy first speaks in this episode, he has the voice of Mr. Small. It was a mistake, and it was corrected in the UK version.
  • Miss Calamity falls backwards instead of falling forwards when falling into the cans of corn.
  • Mr. Bump's legs are missing when he says "Not that one!"
  • The official YouTube upload states "Little Miss Scary unveils her 'can of fear'" in the episode synopsis, not only does such a segment not exist but Little Miss Scary isn't present in the episode at all (if the Angry Heads shouting "Mr. Rude!" isn't counted, since she is part of them).


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