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Cinema is the twenty-eighth episode (second part of the fourteenth episode) of Season 2 of The Mr. Men Show.


Nothing like a night out at the cinema. Mr. Grumpy can't find the right seat to watch the movie; there's a new movie trailer getting the Mr. Men and Little Misses excited; and Mr. Fussy can't watch a drive-in movie without all of Dillydale cramming into his car!


  • Mr. Grumpy, Miss Chatterbox and Miss Helpful's Plot: Mr. Grumpy is trying to watch a film and Little Miss Chatterbox shows up and bothers him. Little Miss Helpful then shows up and claims that she is the movie theatre manager and tries to help and then Mr. Grumpy ends up having to ask Miss Chatterbox what happens in the film so she tells him (Deleted in Canada).
  • Advertisement (US version only): Mr. Happy stars in a cinema publicity trailer reminding customers about good theatre etiquitte.
  • Trailer: The Sunken Treasure of the Salty Sea. Mr. Strong, Mr. Bump and Little Miss Sunshine are the good pirates while Miss Scary, Mr. Tickle and Mr. Quiet star the bad ones. Mr. Quiet gives Little Miss Sunshine a spoonful of clam chowder (fish chowder in the UK) and says he will give her the recipe for it and Mr. Strong then rescues the treasure chest by reeling it in from the sea.
  • Mr. Fussy's Plot: Mr. Fussy buys a ticket to watch a film at the drive in movie theatre from Little Miss Giggles, who accidentally gets out of control with her giggles and then Mr. Fussy tries to watch the film. Mr. Messy shows up on his motorized scooter and offers to buy a couple of Dillydogs with extra mustard but Mr. Fussy won't allow it as he doesn't like anything messy like Mr. Messy does and he claims he has his own snacks (a box of plain rice, mash potato and rolls, all white food, which if spilled, will not leave a stain). Mr. Tickle, Mr. Small, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Stubborn and Mr. Scatterbrain also jump in his car and bother him. Mr. Small plays a set of bongo drums and mosquitos fly into Mr. Fussy's car and bothers him as they have a little party in his car. He then tries to watch the film with Miss Daredevil in her space rocket and she is more than happy to let him watch it with her. Mr. Fussy tells her that he likes space like she does which amazes Miss Daredevil who then launches her and Mr. Fussy into the real Outer Space which terrifies Mr. Fussy especially because of the fast speed that the rocket goes.


Miss Sunshine is digging into popcorn.

  1. When doing so from Mr. Nosey, she pulls out Mr. Small.
  2. When doing so from Miss Daredevil, she pulls out a mini-rocket which takes off with her!
  3. When doing so from Miss Scary, she pulls out an owl, which of course frightens her away.


Voice Cast[]


  • Rob Rackstraw
  • Simon Greenall
  • Teresa Gallagher


  • Joseph J. Terry
  • Reba West - Little Miss Giggles


The transcript for "Cinema" can be found here.


  • This is the only time that Mr. Strong kicks Mr. Rude out of the theatre. This time, Mr. Strong does not tell Mr. Rude to leave unlike Mr. Fussy in Movies and Mr. Quiet in Telephone.
  • Mr. Rude wears his hat from the books in this episode, though he claims it to be a "new look". It is seen again in Pets.
  • This was the rarest episode to find online until late 2015, when it was finally uploaded by Ethan Quino alias PercyFan94 on DeviantArt.
  • Scenes from this episode were leaked a month prior to the second season's premiere on Dagan Moriarty's animation reel on YouTube.


  • At the beginning of Mr. Fussy's plot, if you look very closely, two of Little Miss Chatterbox can be seen. One at the back of the ticket booth line, and one watching the previews.
  • In the trailer for the pirate movie, the opening shot of the Mr. Men and Little Misses watching the trailer has Mr. Fussy in his light green colour scheme from the first season, known for Mr. Persnickety. This is corrected in the closing shot.

Dub edits[]

  • In The Sunken Treasure of the Salty Sea trailer, Mr. Quiet gives Little Miss Sunshine clam chowder, which is replaced with fish chowder in the dub.
  • When Little Miss Giggles talks to Mr. Fussy at the cinema where they show two movies, "Gamma Goo from Planet 9" and "Space Cows from Space" in the US version, but in the UK dub, she said "The Kangaroo" and "The...", and she started laughing.
  • When Mr Bump falls into the water after being tickled, he saids "Man Overboard" in the US Dub and "Mr. Man Overboard" in the UK Dub



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