Clean Teeth is the fourth episode (second part of the second episode) of Season 2 of The Mr. Men Show.


  • Mr. Fussy and Mr. Rude's plot: Mr. Rude is testing toothbrushes in his mouth until not only Mr. Fussy makes him pay for all those toothbrushes he put in his mouth, but he also calls the store manager who was Mr. Happy to report what Mr. Rude has done to the toothbrushes. But Mr. Happy wants happy happy customers in his store. Mr. Rude then finds the toothbrush he wants, and leaves. In the end, Mr. Messy approaches to Mr. Fussy to see if he can try out some toothbrushes but Mr. Fussy runs away crying.
  • Miss Scary's plot (Cancelled In The UK version): Miss Scary tells everybody about brushing teeth, and is soon to be replaced by Mr. Bump after she quits (when she learns that she enjoys scary cavities).
  • Mr. Grumpy's plot: Mr. Messy and Miss Sunshine come over to Mr. Grumpy's house to have Mr. Grumpy to join the Clean Teeth Club, but Mr. Grumpy quit the club months ago. Moments later, Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Tickle come over. Miss Sunshine even gives the club electric toothbrushes. Mr. Grumpy tells the club to leave.
  • Mr. Quiet's plot: Mr. Quiet's dental appointment is a disaster, with Miss Whoops as his dentist.


"You cannot put a brand new toothbrush into your mouth and then put it back on the shelf! It's unclean..."
Mr. Fussy when he sees Mr. Rude testing toothbrushes.


  • This is Little Miss Curious's first appearance.
  • Goof: When Mr. Rude said "I have never heard anything so ridiculous", he is holding a green toothbrush. But in the next shot, he is holding a black toothbrush.
  • In Mr. Quiet's plot, Miss Whoops was wearing a doctor's headband from the episode Boo Boos.


Mr. Scatterbrain putting toothpaste to his toothbrush.