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Clocks is the thirtieth episode (second part of the fifteenth episode) of Season 2 of The Mr. Men Show. It first premiered on 28 September, 2009 on Cartoon Network.


Tick tock goes the clocks in Dillydale. A gentle ticking keeps Mr. Quiet awake; Mr. Grumpy new clock is going cuckoo regarding the alarm function; and Mr. Bump and Mr. Tickle are springing into action to fix the clock tower!


  • Miss Helpful, Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Scatterbrain's plot: Miss Helpful makes Mr. Grumpy a new clock so he can wake up early before the fishing contest, but the clock wakes him up too early. He tries again, but gets the same result. So Mr. Grumpy gets help from Mr. Scatterbrain so he can wake him up at the right time, but he ends up waking Mr. Grumpy up too late for the fishing contest.
  • Mr. Rude's plot: Mr. Rude makes an advertisement about his "Le Rude Cuckoo" which makes 12 different rude sounds, because regular cuckoo clocks annoy him. (Deleted in the UK)
  • Mr. Noisy and Mr. Quiet's plot: Mr. Quiet's house's power went off, so he stays at Mr. Noisy's house, but his clock is ticking too loudly, waking Mr. Quiet up and making him unable to go to sleep, so Mr. Quiet stuffs it in the refrigerator so he cannot hear the noise. He ends up bumping into Mr. Noisy who said that he couldn't sleep either. Since they're both up, Mr. Noisy decides for them to stay up all night playing the drums.
  • Mr. Bump and Mr. Tickle's plot: Mr. Bump and Mr. Tickle try to fix the tower clock. Mr. Tickle fixes it by tickling it, but Mr. Bump, in the end, falls off the tower and lands into the sewer, and gets hit by a clock hand. Mr. Tickle fixed the clock, however, and he claimed that it only needed a good tickle.


Mr. Lazy uses a remote control to stop his alarm clock.

  1. A robotic arm with a boxing glove punches the clock.
  2. A swarm of toy fighter jets with lasers destroys the clock and the counter.
  3. Mr. Strong comes out and takes Mr. Lazy away from the clock.


Voice Cast[]




The transcript for "Clocks" can be found here.


  • While the cuckoo Mr. Rude farts to the side in the final version of the deleted scene, the music video for "Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay" shows that the cuckoo Mr. Rude was originally going to fart in front of the viewers. This was likely changed for it being seen as too crude.
  • Mr. Noisy is revealed to have a dog.
  • The chimes of the clock tower are Big Ben chimes


  • Miss Whoops says her catchphrase in a low pitch while she was waking up and knocking her alarm clock. Her pitch is normal in the European version.
  • This is the 2nd time Miss Helpful gives Mr. Grumpy something meant to be helpful but isn't helpful at all. The 1st was in Telephone.
  • In the beginning of the episode, the clock tower seems to go off around 12:20. Grandfather clocks and clock towers only go off when the big hand reaches 3, 6, 9, or 12.
  • Mr. Grumpy has bacon, eggs and coffee twice in this episode.
  • Mr. Quiet ends up enjoying loud drumming for once.
  • Miss Chatterbox is on the title card, but not in the episode itself.


  • The bottom strap of Mr. Nos(e)y's watch is transparent.
  • Before Mr. Bump falls into the sewer, the cast on his left leg disappears for a split second.

The cast on Mr. Bump's left leg is gone.

Real-World References[]

  • Mr. Bump hanging from the clock tower is a direct reference to the 1923 film Safety Last! Mr. Bump even says "Safety last!" (only in the UK version) while doing so.

Dub edits[]

  • Mr. Grumpy saying "Thank you, Miss Helpful!" is expanded to "Thank you very much, Miss Helpful!"
  • Lines such as "I hate the morning", "Oh, where's the soap?", and "Ah, there's the soap!" are present in the UK, but not in the US.
  • When Mr. Grumpy comments on Miss Helpful's alarm clock, he says "piece of junk" in the US version and "load of rubbish" in the UK version.
  • In the US, Mr. Quiet says "My electricity's out," but in the UK, he says "I got a powercut".
  • Mr. Noisy pronounces "either" differently."
  • Only in the UK, Mr. Bump says "Safety last!"


Clocks Title Card

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