Collecting Title Card

Title Card

Collecting is the twenty-seventh episode (first part of the fourteenth episode) of Season 1 of The Mr. Men Show.


  • Miss Calamity, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Strong and Mr. Bounce's plot: Miss Calamity gets some extremely breakable glass animals by Mr. Grumpy. Mr. Strong heard that she won them in a sweep stake. Then Mr. Bounce arrives and bounces on the animals and broke them. Mr. Grumpy comes back and said that she actually was 2nd place rather than 1st and at the end, she gets a collection of frogs.
  • Mr. Happy, Miss Sunshine, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Scatterbrain and Miss Naughty's plot: At the Good Morning Dillydale Centre, Mr. Scatterbrain gets a collection of things but don't match. Miss Sunshine tells Mr. Happy if her stuff is a collection (Hair Ribbons, Shoes, Grass). Mr. Lazy has remote controls which make his life easier, then Mr. Scatterbrain gets a collection of monkeys. Miss Naughty plays a trick on us by putting whoopee cushions on the ground. Then Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine sit down but Mr. Rude farts, actually it wasn't so because Mr. Rude was in the audience and yells "For once, that was not ME!".
  • Miss Daredevil's plot: Miss Daredevil and some Mr. Men make shapes with their planes in the sky. (Cancelled in the UK)
  • Miss Helpful, Mr. Persnickety and Mr. Messy's plot: Miss Helpful and her friends make up a collection club and she tells them what they have. Mr. Persnickety has a collection of vacuum cleaners and Mr. Messy has a collection of pizza crusts. Mr. Messy brings his collection of socks and collection of dirt. Mr. Persnickety is not amused, telling Mr. Messy that rotten food belongs in the rubbish. As Mr. Messy shows his collection of dirt, Mr. Persnickety sucks Mr. Messy's collections with one of his vacuum cleaners, the Turbo Tornado. It explodes at the end.
  • Mr. Nervous' plot: Mr. Nervous thinks he's in the land of giant objects but really he's looking at Miss Chatterbox's collection.


US Dub:



UK Dub:

The Mr Men Show "Collecting" (S1 E44)

The Mr Men Show "Collecting" (S1 E44)

Fun Facts


  • Miss Calamity says she didn't like frogs in this episode, but she has a pet frog in Boo Boos/Doctors and Nurses. It's possible that she got rid of him between Boo Boos and this episode however.
  • Mr. Noisy has his US voice in the UK version.
  • When the vacuum is about to explode, in the US version Miss Helpful says "she’s gonna blow!", while in the UK version she says "it’s going to explode!".


Characters are showing their collection of things.

  1. Mr. Strong adds to his dumb-bell collection, but the shelves fall through the floor under all the weight.
  2. Miss Calamity adds to her collection of potted plants, but a swarm of bees attacks her!
  3. Mr. Bump adds to his collection of first aid kits but his bandages get caught (Not in UK).
  4. Mr. Grumpy adds to his birdhouse collection but this attracts birds out of nowhere!
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