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Cooking is a season 1 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


Little Miss Calamity tries to cook seafood; Little Miss Naughty cooks up more than dinner for Mr. Quiet and Mr. Grumpy; and Mr. Persnickety's cooking classes leaves him fried.


  • Miss Calamity, Miss Sunshine and Mr. Happy's Plot: Miss Calamity guests on Good Morning Dillydale and makes some seafood. But the pot starts to erupt letting out octopuses and lobsters.
  • Miss Naughty, Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Quiet's Plot: Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Quiet get given strange meals at Miss Naughty's restaurant and they pretend to like it until they are given dessert.
  • Mr. Persnickety, Miss Whoops, Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Messy's Plot: Mr. Persnickety is teaching a French cooking class with Miss Whoops, Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Messy. They don't like what they cook. While Mr. Persnickety goes out after being called to the office, Mr. Messy makes an awful mess in the kitchen.
  • Mr. Scatterbrain and Miss Helpful's Plot (US version only): Mr. Scatterbrain buys instant meals from Miss Helpful. He plants a large tree of meals in his garden. He wakes up the next morning to see Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small eating up there.


Characters are cooking their food.

  1. Mr. Lazy mixes a drink by putting himself in a gyroscope.
  2. Mr. Scatterbrain tries to make a chicken salad sandwich with a live chicken!
  3. Mr. Strong tries to bake a pie, but wrecks the oven when he closes the door!
  4. Miss Daredevil cooks a pizza using her rocket boots.





Voice Cast[]


  • Aline Mowat - Little Miss Calamity
  • Jo Wyatt
  • Rob Rackstraw - Mr. Messy
  • Simon Greenall
  • Teresa Gallagher


  • Joseph J. Terry - Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Fussy
  • Katie Leigh - Little Miss Chatterbox and Little Miss Helpful
  • Peter Rida Michail - Mr. Messy


The transcript for "Cooking" can be found here.


  • This is the only episode along with Amusement Park to premiere on a leap day (February 29).
  • The music score during the pantomime scenes were extended for two scenes only.
  • Miss Whoops is revealed to dislike flat food.


  • The official upload of this episode on YouTube lists a plot about Mr. Stubborn in a chili cook-off in the description; not only does no such segment exist but Mr. Stubborn does not appear in the episode at all.
    • Additionally, the word "dinner" is misspelled as "diner".

Dub edits[]

  • When Mr. Grumpy whispers into Mr. Quiet's ear after saying "Oh, yes! It was delicious!", Mr. Grumpy says "Well, I'm not rude", which is changed to "That's not true".
  • After Miss Naughty's "boom-boom" trick backfires, she says "Boom boom bad!", which is replaced by "Caught by my own trick" in the dub.
  • When Mr. Persnickety is teaching his French cooking class the dishes they are going to be making, In the US, Miss Whoops says ”I don’t know what you’re saying.” and Mr. Persnickety says “That’s French for snails, orange duck and pancakes on fire.” However, in the UK, Miss Whoops says “I don’t understand what you’re saying.” and Mr. Persnickety says “I said snails, duck in orange and pancakes on fire.”


Cooking Title Card[]

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