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Dance is the thirteenth episode (first part of the seventh episode) of Season 1 of The Mr. Men Show.


An unwilling Mr. Quiet performs a ballet with Mr. Strong; Mr. Grumpy's solitude is interrupted by tenacious tappers; Mr. Nosy shows off his dance moves.


  • Mr. Strong and Mr. Quiet's Plot: Mr. Strong and Mr. Quiet (who is filling in for Miss Calamity after she broke her leg before the show) are performing a ballet act and Mr. Quiet is having a hard time due to Mr. Strong's immense strength tossing him left and right.
  • Mr. Grumpy's Plot: Mr. Grumpy is trying to create an autobiography book about himself, but since his ceiling is the floor of Mr. Noisy's Dance Studio, the dancing is making it hard for him to write his book.
  • Musical number: "The Beat is Taking Over" by Mr. Messy.
  • Mr. Nervous's Plot: Mr. Nervous imagines that he's in a jungle being attacked by lions and gorillas. It's really shown he's at the skating ring with Miss Scary, Miss Naughty, Miss Chatterbox, and Mr. Small saying to him to move it or lose it and Mr. Nervous runs away off screen. Miss Scary says "Next time, we're bringing Mr. Tickle!".
  • Mr. Scatterbrain's Plot (US version only): Mr. Scatterbrain puts on a Western hoedown and is giving some interesting calls to the dancers.
  • Mr. Happy, Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Messy and Mr. Rude's Plot: Mr. Happy, Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Messy and Mr. Rude are in an American Idol-like contest called "Dance, Dance, Dance". The problem is that Mr. Rude keeps giving the contestants a 0 point score.


Characters are dancing while Mr. Bounce joins with them.

  1. He joins Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small in breakdancing, but is bounced by Mr. Nosy.
  2. He joins Miss Whoops in square dancing but a kick from her sends him flying!
  3. He tries to dance with Mr. Grumpy who bounces him away but Mr. Bounce bounces back into him!
  4. He tries to join Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Persnickety and Miss Whoops in a kick-line but is once again bounced away by Miss Whoops!


Voice Cast[]




The transcript for "Dance" can be found here.


  • Mr. Happy's US "Dance Dance Dance" line is retained in the UK dub.
  • This is the first time Mr. Strong is seen without his weight belt, though he wears a tutu and tights instead.
  • Mr. Quiet's video on the now-defunct official website originated from this episode.
  • This episode, Physical, and Outer Space are the only times Mr. Nervous is seen angry, as he is shown yelling at Mr. Rude after the latter passed gas.
  • Mr. Messy had visible toes in this episode again in Dillydale Day.
  • This episode was sequalized into Dance Dance Dance in the second season.
  • The Beat is Taking Over is often for promos on Cartoon Network.
  • Mr. Stubborn doesn't say "This____is cheap!" in this episode. This is because he doesn't have any lines in this episode.
  • Little Miss Chatterbox appears in every plot in the UK version.
  • When Little Miss Naughty kicked Mr. Bump, a heart appears above her.


  • For one frame when Mr. Scatterbrain dances in the opening scene, his nose is coloured the same as the rest of him.

Look at Mr. Scatterbrain's nose

  • Mr. Stubborn's two hairs disappear when he and Miss Whoops rain dance.
Bald Mr

Mr. Stubborn's two hairs are missing.

Dub edits[]

  • The segment where Mr. Scatterbrain puts on a Western hoedown is removed due to hoedowns being an American custom.
  • The Beat is Taking Over has several:
    • The remixed clips of Mr. Messy in the middle of the song aren't dubbed over.
    • "Spunky" is changed to "funky" and "kinda funky" is changed to "kinda clunky".
    • In the end, Mr. Messy says "look out, Dillydale!", a line that was never used in the original.


Dance Title Card


US Dub[]


Mr Men Show Dance Part 1

Part 1


Mr Men Show Dance Part 2

Part 2

UK Dub[]


The Mr Men Show "Dance" (S1 E23)

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