Dance, Dance, Dance is a Dillydalian show from Dillydale TV. It was hosted by Mr. Happy, the master of ceremonies, trying to compete by dancing, with the total number of points, limited to 0-10. The judges are Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Messy, and the strict Mr. Rude. The highest maximum points by all judges combined are 30 points.


  • Mr. Noisy - 19 pts;(Little Miss Chatterbox: 9, Mr. Messy: 10, Mr. Rude: 0) 2nd Place
  • Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small - 20 pts;(Little Miss Chatterbox:10, Mr. Messy:10, Mr. Rude:0) 1st Place


  • Mr. Rude didn't use a card, he uses his hand to make a zero.
  • Mr. Messy has a card but after Mr. Noisy danced he drew a 10 on his feet. (1 on left, 0 on right)
  • Mr. Nosy sprayed air freshener and he got rid of it.
  • Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small beat Mr. Noisy by one point since Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Messy gave him two tens.
  • Mr. Happy is the host.
  • Parody of English Idol and Dancing with Stars
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