Dillydale is a fictional nation in The Mr. Men Show, where all the Mr. Men and Little Misses live.


Dillydale was once occupied by cavemen. Meanwhile, the vikings looked for a new land to grow food, to live and to rest. Later they found a land and landed on the shore of Old Dillydale. The caveman gave them fish and roasted beets. The vikings started to live there.

17th Century

Before the 17th century, more people immigrated to Dillydale. The town of Dillydale was under the rule of an unnamed queen at this time. Something made the residents of Dillydale mad, and they overthrew their queen.

Changing Times

The modern world set its course into Dillydale. They finally have a train (though the fumes smelled bad), and then there were airplanes. Machinery became a newfound art of the Mr. Men and Little Misses.

Modern Day

Today, Dillydale is known as the Happiest City in the World.


It's not known where the location is, but in Beach, It's first located somewhere in the coastline of a continent. In Travel, you can see the golden gate bridge, which means it could be in California.

Possible Locations

  • California (Travel)
  • Wyoming (Lake)
  • Maine (Sightseeing, as it could be near the Alantic ocean)
  • Canada? (The Dark)
  • Switzerland? (Snow)

About Dillydale

Dillydale is a big but very simple city. There are 31 Mr. Men and Little Misses currently living in Dillydale.


Dillydale Day

This is a day about Dillydale and how it came to be. They also have a concert.

The Dillydale Parade

This is held once a year.


  • All Mr. Men and Little Misses' houses
  • The Dillydale Hotel
  • Dillydale Beanery
  • Dillydale Train Station
  • Dillydale Bowling Alley (mentioned in Trains but seen in Games)
  • Many resturants including:
    • Miss Naughty's Naughty Resturant (Cooking,Dining Out)
    • Tic Tac Tickle (Owned by Mr. Tickle,Dining Out)
    • Suprise Resturant (Owned by Mr.Scatterbrain,Suprises)
    • Nut Patty (Owned probably by Mr.Noisy,Food)
    • Mr.Bounce's Bean Burger (Food)
    • Dillydale Bean Burger (is a drive-in,Food)
    • Dillydale Soup Pot (Sneezes and Hiccups)
    • Chef Rude (Dining Out,also probably seen in Pests)
  • Miss Magic's Hiccup Doctor (Sneezes and Hiccups)
  • Hospital (Boo Boos (Doctors and Nurses in UK),Fairies and Gnomes)
  • Amusement Park (Amusement Park)
  • Farm (probably owned mainly by Mr.Grumpy,Farm)
  • Dillydale Cinema (Movies,Cinema)
  • Science Museum (Science)
  • Book Factory (Books)
  • Boat Dock (only one of them,Ships)
  • A Mall that includes the following:
    • Shoe Store (owned by Mr. Scatterbrain)
    • Cheese Store (owned by Mr. Messy)
    • It is at least two stories high (There is an Escalator)
    • Mr.Tickle's Robots,Robots,and Robots
    • Hat store
    • Bakery
    • Pet Store
    • Photo Booth
    • Furniture Store (owned by Miss Helpful)
  • Mr.Scatterbrain's Hobby Shop (Hobbies)
  • Good Morning Dillydale Studio
  • Shazam! That's Good! Studio
  • Dillydale Ground Control (Mainly in Outer Space)
  • Mr. Noisy's Shoeatorium (Shoes)
  • Hobby World (could be Mr. Scatterbrain's Hobby Shop, Mentioned in Hobbies)