Dillydale day

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Dillydale Day is an episode of The Mr. Men Show.



Miss Sunshine sets up the food for the celebration.

  1. Miss Whoops spills gelatin over her.
  2. Miss Calamity comes with her pie but Miss Daredevil comes in on her bike and wrecks the table!
  3. Mr. Strong heavily chucks the bowl on the table, knocking the contents off and the bowl bounces onto Miss Sunshine again!
  4. Mr. Tickle tickles Miss Sunshine, but the bowl he brought with him yet again falls onto her!.

Fun Facts


  • This is the first and only episode Paul Greenberg wrote. As such, this is the only time he used his real name in the show instead of his pyedsuom, Aaron Albertus.
  • Mr. Rude does a 3-tone like fart in Mr. Happy and Miss Chatterbox's plot.


  • The garden gnome vanished after the next scene.


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