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UK transcript

Mr Men And Little Misses: The Mr Men, The Mr Men, The Mr Men, The Mr Men!

(Scene swaps to Mr Tickle tickling lots of Mr Men and Little Miss and goes all the way to Mr Bump and Miss Whoops on a plane and tickles Miss Whoops causing Mr Bump to fall into the “O” in the logo)

Mr Bump: The Mr Men Show!

(Big purple screen comes up with “Dining Out” written on it with Miss Magic, table, chair and some food and a drink with a spoon with a loud crash and people saying Mr Rude and who created the episode)

Narrator: one of the many joys shared by the Mr Men and Little Misses is that of dining out. Whenever it’s a simple sandwich at a casual lunch spot, or a lovely dinner at a fancy restaurant. The good people of Dillydale take great pleasure in dining out. Who doesn’t enjoy trying out a new restaurant with friends?