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Douglas Blackwell (17 May, 1924 - 17 October, 2009)[1] was an English actor and voice-over artist who was brought up in Port Talbot, Wales.

About Him[]

His many film and television roles include parts in The Avengers, Z-Cars, The Onedin Line, Labyrinth, 10 Rillington Place, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. He was also the voice of Vitalstatistix in Asterix and the Big Fight.

Involvement with Mr. Men[]

Blackwell also narrated the Mr. Men cassettes and CDs from 1990's-2006.


Other Stories[]

  • Bump Saturday (by Mr. Bump)
  • I Just Can't Help It (by Mr. Tickle)
  • What's Going On? (by Mr. Nosey)
  • Me and My Tummy (by Mr. Greedy)
  • I'm Only Little (by Mr. Small)
  • My Birthday (by Mr. Bounce)
  • My Summer Holiday (by Mr. Snow)
  • Me and My Smile (by Mr. Happy)
  • A Quiet Day (by Mr. Chatterbox)
  • A Bit of Fun (by Mr. Funny)
  • A Bit of A Mix-Up (by Mr. Silly)
  • My Secret Smile (by Mr. Grumpy)
  • A Noisy Day (by Mr. Noisy)
  • All Back to Front and Upside Down (by Mr. Topsy-Turvy)
  • What Happened? (by Mr. Forgetful)
  • Whoops! (by Mr. Clumsy)
  • A Night Out (by Mr. Jelly)
  • Lost in the Fog (by Mr. Tall)
  • Mr. Lazy Learns His Lesson
  • Mr. Skinny Goes to Dinner with Mr. Greedy
  • Mr. Daydream's Daydream
  • Mr. Grumble - A Grumbly Day
  • Mr. Happy Helps Out
  • Mr. Daydream's Adventure
  • Mr. Lazy Moves House