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Eyeglasses is the tenth episode (second part of the fifth episode) of Season 2 of The Mr. Men Show.


Eyeglasses help people see. Mr. Happy gets a flawed eye exam; Miss Helpful tries to put some pizzaz for your peepers; and Miss Whoops loosing her glasses is bound to spell disaster.


  • Mr. Happy and Mr. Stubborn's Plot: Mr. Happy gets an eye exam from Mr. Stubborn with the wrong results. (Deleted in Japan)
  • Musical number (US version only): "Four Eyes Mix" by Little Miss Whoops with Mr. Fussy, Mr. Nervous, and Mr. Nosy as backup.
  • Advertisement: Little Miss Helpful's Eyeglass Shack.
  • Miss Whoops' Plot: Little Miss Whoops loses her glasses as a flight attendant and has a hard time telling who's who, even when temporarily having Mr. Nervous' glasses. She soon makes the ride terrifying for the other Mr. Men and Little Misses.


Mr. Fussy tries on glasses and looks at the mirror to find another character wearing the same glasses as he does.

  1. Mr. Fussy sees Miss Scary.
  2. He sees Miss Whoops.
  3. He sees Mr. Scatterbrain.


Voice Cast[]


  • Emma Tate
  • Rob Rackstraw
  • Teresa Gallagher
  • Tim Whitnall



The transcript for "Eyeglasses" can be found here.


  • Mr. Nervous took off his glasses and gave them to Miss Whoops.
  • Miss Whoops mistook Mr. Nervous for Little Miss Naughty, Mr. Quiet for Little Miss Sunshine, and Mr. Bump for Little Miss Chatterbox due to her being unable to see who it was.
  • Mr. Happy is seen with his glasses in his and Mr. Stubborn's plot but his glasses are gone in Miss Whoops's plot.
  • Ironically, none of the characters who wear glasses wore them in the original books.
    • In fact, none of the characters from The Mr. Men Show originally wore glasses in the book
  • One of the bumpers from this episode was leaked a month prior to the second season's premiere on Dagan Moriarty's animation reel on YouTube.


  • After Mr. Bump flies out of the plane, Little Miss Whoops has her original glasses


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