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Garages is a Season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


Mr. Messy has Mr. Fussy store the former's new bike in the latter's garage; Mr. Stubborn installs a faulty garage door for Mr. Grumpy; and Mr. Happy takes his car to Mr. Strong's garage for repairs.


  • Mr. Fussy, Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small's Plot: Mr. Messy asks Mr. Fussy if he can store his brand new bike in his garage (since Mr. Messy's garage has no room). Mr. Fussy agrees as the bike is not yet messy like its owner and goes cycling with Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small on the bike. Mr. Messy soon returns to try and store his Sock Cheese collection while Mr. Fussy is out only to spill paint all over Mr. Fussy's garage. When Mr. Fussy sees the mess, he creates one himself by messing up Mr. Messy's bike! Mr. Messy then leaves with the bike as it now looks like a spectaular dining room center piece in his eyes. Leaving Mr. Fussy with a great big mess to clean.
  • Advertisement (US only): Little Miss Chatterbox advertises her car finder. A device capable of bringing your car to you when in a parking garage as opposed to the other way around. While it is successful, it ends up causing Mr. Bump to get repeatedly injured and eventually a whole swarm of cars to drive around willy-nilly when Mr. Noisy tries it out. It's a good thing Miss Chatterbox realized that Mr. Noisy shouldn't use it after seeing the aftermath.
  • Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Stubborn's Plot: Mr. Stubborn installs a new garage door for Mr. Grumpy that doesn't open properly. The garage door soon ends up crushing Mr. Grumpy's car and falls apart all together. Mr. Stubborn might say the whole garage is cheap but remember, he was the one who installed the door.
  • Mr. Happy and Mr. Bump's Plot: Mr. Happy and Miss Bossy bring their cars to be repaired by Mr. Bump at Mr. Strong's repairs. Mr. Strong is stuck fixing Miss Bossy's car while Mr. Bump repairs Mr. Happy's car. Mr. Bump is successful in finding the problem with Mr. Happy's car (Little Miss Whoops' baton from the episode "Parade") but ends up getting crushed by the car after throwing the baton onto the lever that activates the lift.


Mr. Bump is trying to open his garage door.

  1. He opens a trap door beneath him, and his garage door opens after he falls in.
  2. It opens up the garages belonging to Mr. Nosy and Miss Daredevil.
  3. Miss Whoops runs into him, making him swallow the remote. Miss Whoops then press Mr. Bump's tummy, causing the door to open and slap him away.


Voice Cast[]


  • Rob Rackstraw
  • Alex Kelly



The transcript for "Garages" can be found here.


  • Storyboards and the script for Mr. Stubborn's story were shown on the now-defunct Mr. Men Show blog when production for the second season was still going.
  • Mr. Happy mentioned that Little Miss Whoops had been missing her baton since the Dillydale Parade, referencing the past events of "Parade".

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