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Gifts is a season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


The Mr. Men and Little Misses are giving gifts to each other to show them that they care. Mr. Nosey's snooping causes Mr. Fussy and Mr. Messy's gifts to get messed up; Mr. Tickle tries to give gifts with a complementary tickle; and Mr. Nervous fears what gifts he might receive.


  • Mr. Messy and Mr. Fussy's Plot: Mr. Fussy and Mr. Messy share a birthday. Green tagged presents are for Mr. Fussy and pink are for Mr. Messy. Mr. Nosey soon gets them mixed up and the gift giving gets catastrophic when Mr. Messy makes a mess of the gifts meant for Mr. Fussy.
  • Musical number (US version only): "Gift Wrap" by Mr. Messy with Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small as backup.
  • Mr. Rude and Mr. Tickle's Plot: Mr. Rude gives gifts to other Mr. Men and Little Misses, but Mr. Tickle wants to tickle people who buy the gifts.
  • Mr. Nervous' Plot: The Mr. Men and Little Misses try to give gifts to Mr. Nervous in his barber shop. Miss Helpful gives him a homemade pot holder, Mr. Stubborn gives him a comb and a brush (despite Mr. Nervous not having any hair), and Miss Scary gives him sponge monsters that grow when they come into contact with water.


Characters are wrapping up their gifts.

  1. Herbie Homemaker wraps up a teddy bear for Mr. Lazy.
  2. Miss Magic wraps a magic hat and a rabbit pops out.
  3. Mr. Tickle's arms end up wrapping the present.


Voice Cast[]




The transcript for "Gifts" can be found here.


Dub edits[]

  • After the present Mr. Bump holds crushes him, he is heard crying, which is omitted in the UK dub.


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