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Good Morning Dillydale is a show hosted by Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine in The Mr. Men Show. It appeared 12 times in The Mr. Men Show.

Episodes that it appears in

Series 1

  • Inventions (twice)
  • Collections
  • Ships
  • Physical
  • Full Moon (only with Mr. Bump and Miss Scary)
  • Boats
  • Snow
  • Cooking
  • Canned Goods
  • Fish
  • Circus (briefly)

Series 2

  • Robots
  • Bath and Bubbles


  • In Series 2, the show only appeared in Robots. Likely because Miss Naughty's Robot Mr. Metal took over the show.
    • However, there is a similar show called "The Dillydale Morning News," which is similar to Good Morning Dillydale, but it features Miss Naughty and Miss Scary as the news anchors.
  • It is about a happy show.
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