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Hats is a Season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show. It first premiered on 16 September, 2009.


Little Miss Magic makes Mr. Fussy a hat; Mr. Stubborn's hat covers his eyes during a drive; and Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Rude, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Small, and Mr. Nosey are competing to see who has the best hat


  • Mr. Fussy, Miss Magic and Miss Chatterbox's Plot: Mr. Fussy and Miss Chatterbox go to Miss Magic's magic hat shop to try a new hat. She gives Mr. Fussy unusual hats. First a cowboy hat, next a clock hat that cleans, then a bird's nest, and finally a normal looking hat. Mr. Fussy was pleased with the last hat at first, only to discover that it lays eggs on Mr. Fussy's head every time he puts it on. Eggs that end up breaking all over Mr. Fussy's head when Little Miss Whoops enters the shop.
  • Miss Helpful's Plot: Miss Helpful advertises a glue for gluing people's hats on their heads. In a rare moment of actual helpfulness, Miss Helpful also uses hat glue remover to get Mr. Tickle's hands unstuck from his hat! (Not in the UK)
  • Mr. Stubborn, Miss Sunshine and Mr. Nervous's Plot: Miss Sunshine and Mr. Nervous are riding in Mr. Stubborn's car. They try to keep their hats on their heads and Mr. Stubborn wears it over his eyes. Mr. Stubborn refuses to believe that he's driving off road. Every time Mr. Nervous throws the hat off Mr. Stubborn he puts another hat on his head. They soon get chased by a bull and knocked into the water.
  • Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Rude, Mr. Tickle and Mr. Happy's Plot: It is Hat Day at the Dillydale Superstore where Mr. Grumpy really wants to win the pipe organ. Other Mr. Men who want to win are Mr. Tickle (wearing a viking hat), Mr. Rude (wearing a feather hat), and Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small (wearing pirate hats). Mr. Happy is the judge. Soon, Mr. Rude accidentally knocks both his hat and Mr. Tickle's hat off of their heads and onto Mr. Grumpy's. Mr. Happy declares him the winner as he is wearing the hat combination. Luckily, Mr. Grumpy agrees to share the prize with Mr. Tickle and Mr. Rude since it was there hats that technically won him the prize. (Deleted in Japan)


Mr. Scatterbrain is trying out a new hat.

  1. He inflates a hat that quickly deflates.
  2. His hat has a jetpack that picks him up.
  3. He pours water on his foam hat that grows quickly


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The transcript for "Hats" can be found here.



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