Hotel is the forty-third episode of the first season in The Mr. Men Show. This episode centers around the Mr. Men and Little Misses at the Dillydale hotel.


  • Mr. Happy's Plot: Mr. Happy checks into The Dillydale Hotel. But Mr. Scatterbrain checks him in in a strange way.
  • Mr. Pernickity's Plot: Mr. Pernickity checks into his room at The Hotel. But he has to share a room with Mr. Messy and Mr. Bounce. Then he tries to call Mr. Lazy in the lobby but he was too lazy to help.
  • Mr. Nervous and Miss Whoops's Plot: Mr. Nervous gets a souvenir at Little Miss Whoops's Souvenir Shop at The Hotel. But he keeps getting scared of what is there.
  • Mr. Rude's Plot: Mr. Rude goes to the Hotel's pool. Then he farts in the water and eveyone leaves.(Deleted in UK)
  • Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Tickle's Plot: Mr. Tickle hires Mr. Grumpy to run the front desk and dosen't care about what the guests want. In the end Mr. Tickle gives Mr. Grumpy a tickle hug.


  • Little Miss Daredevil was shown without her boots and has socks, similar to Mister Messy's. That's because she gave them to Little Miss Calamity.
  • Every time Mr. Pernickety talks to Mr. Lazy on the phone, he hangs up.
  • Mr. Small and Mr. Nosey tell Mr. Grumpy that they need a restaurant with booster seats, because of Mr. Small's height.


  • In the scene when Mr. Rude farts Mr. Happy's head was shown when the heads shouted "MR. RUDE!" when he was shown next to Little Miss Sunshine.
    • In addition, Miss Sunshine can be heard shouting "MR. RUDE!" when she's not there.
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