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The following Mr. Men and Little Misses originated from France:

Mr. Brave

Mr. Grumble

Mr. Perfect

Mr. Cheerful

Mr. Crosspatch (was never translated into English)

Mr. No (was never translated into English)

Little Miss Busy

Little Miss Quick

Little Miss Wise

Little Miss Tidy

Little Miss Brainy

Little Miss Stubborn

Little Miss Curious

Little Miss Fun

Little Miss Somersault

Little Miss All-Goes-Well (was never translated into English)

Little Miss Brilliant (was never translated into English)

Little Miss Busy-Body (was never translated into English)

Little Miss Careful (was never translated into English)

Little Miss Loud (was never translated into English)

Little Miss Prim (was never translated into English)

Little Miss Show-Off (was never translated into English)

Little Miss Vain (was never translated into English)

Little Miss Yes (was never translated into English)

Now you shall be told how they got here. Maybe some facts you never knew before.

Where Did They Come From?

We know you believe that some of the characters on this list you thought were created by Roger Hargreaves, but the truth is, they weren't. Roger Hargreaves just got the credit for doing it. There were 11 characters that never got translated into English, but another 13 did. They are listed above. If you don't believe us, look at the publish dates. He died in 1988, but these books were published in 1990. Is this making sense? The Mr. Men and Little Miss I listed above were created by two writers, Viviane Cohen and Evelyne Lallemand, and an illustrator, Colette David. They produced 24 Mr. Men and Little Misses. So if you wondered why Mr. Tickle's hat was green in Mr. Cheerful and Little Miss Somersault, that's why. David colored Mr. Tickle's hat green instead of blue in the French books. This was either a mistake or he wanted us to eventually get the hint he was giving us (the main idea of this article). Surprising right? At least now you know the truth.

Images and Captions of the French Little Miss and Little Misses


Mr. Brave is a very brave man. Or is he?

Mr. Grumble complains about EVERYTHING! Even bright sunny days!

Mr. Perfect is PERFECT. Not a single thing out of place.

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Mr. Cheerful is very cheerful. However, he has a not-so-cheerful secret.

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Loud book-0
Prim book-0
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Mr. Crosspatch/Monsieur Bagarreur will fight anyone in sight. DO you dare be his opponent?

Mr. No/Monsieur Non says "no" to EVERYTHING! All he ever does is disagree.

Little Miss Busy is always busy. She always wants something to do.

Madame Oui-0

Little Miss Quick is always in a hurry. This might get her in a little trouble...

Little Miss Wise is very wise. However, if she wants to make friends, she might need to make some unwise decisions...

Little Miss Tidy is tidy. She is so tidy, she loses things she has tidied away.

Little Miss Brainy is very brainy. However, she ventures out to be asked some more advanced questions...

Little Miss Stubborn is very stubborn. She listens to herself and herself ONLY!

Little Miss Curious has a question for everything. This may not be always good when it comes to walking into town.

Little Miss Fun is as happy as a lark. She throws the best parties!

Little Miss Somersault is very gymnastic. One day she discovers what she is afraid of...

Little Miss All-Goes-Well/Madame Tout-Va-Bien is always lucky. Everything goes right with her.

Little Miss Brilliant/Madame Géniale has brilliant ideas. However, some of her decisions may not be so brilliant.

Little Miss Busy-Body/Madame Casse-Pieds loves to talk. She is a true chatterbox.    

Little Miss Careful/Madame Prudente is mentally careful. However, she is not so physically careful. 

Little Miss Loud/Madame Tintamarre is very loud. What good does it do for others when she visits Seatown?

Little Miss Prim/Madame Collet-Monté gives out very rude advice. What will she think when you listen to her... too literally?

Little Miss Show-Off/Madame Moi-Je is such a show-off. She will even show off to the wrong people...

Little Miss Vain/Madame Coquette is very pretty. She matches everything no matter the cause!

Little Miss Yes/Madame Oui says "yes" to everything. Never once has she said "no".

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