Inventions is the fourteen episode (the second part of the seventh episode) of Season 1 of The Mr. Men Show.


Little Miss Daredevil tests out her rocket-chair on a reluctant Mr. Quiet; Mr. Lazy's dream remote control, bring Little Miss Calamity nightmares; and Little Miss Chatterbox's Polite-o-Phone equips an unwilling Mr. Rude with social etiquette.


  • Miss Daredevil's Plot: Miss Daredevil invents a rocket on Good Morning Dillydale that can do anything but lay an egg. Mr. Quiet tries it out.
  •  Mr. Grumpy's Plot: Mr. Grumpy advertises the tickle protector coat to make tickling from Mr. Tickle 100% free along with a book called "100 Reasons Why Happy People Annoy Me". (Not in the UK)
  • Mr. Lazy, Miss Helpful and Miss Calamity's Plot: Miss Helpful invents something that will do Mr. Lazy's housework. Unfortunately, it only works at Miss Calamity's house.
  • Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Rude's Plot: Miss Chatterbox helps Mr. Rude be polite by inventing a polite-o-phone.
  • Mr. Scatterbrain's Plot: Mr. Scatterbrain invents a Remember Box on Good Morning Dillydale to remember everything.



  • The title card is missing on the televised version in the US
  • Mr. Grumpy's video is in this episode.
  • Miss Chatterbox probably made the Polite-O-Phone in response to her plot (when she hosted lunch) in Books, when Mr. Rude was rude at her lunch party.


  • After Mr. Messy scrounged through the garbage to find the turkey sandwich, all of the mess he made in the next scene vanished (except for the boxers).
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