Isn't Little Miss Trouble Kind... is the 18th episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 19 March, 1996.

Isn't Little Miss Trouble Kind....png


Little Miss Trouble wants to be a kinder person, but she learns from Mr. Dizzy that Mr. Stamp told him that Mr. Greedy and Little Miss Splendid told him that she wasn't a kind person, and therefore did not trust her. Having decided to get her own back by playing a joke, she sends booby-trap gifts to them both. Mr. Dizzy seems to like his present and gives her a bracelet of honey-filled sweets as a token of his appreciation. But little does Mr. Dizzy know that he has in fact punished Little Miss Trouble for, as everyone knows, honey attracts bees...



He lost his nose!

  • When Mr. Mischief is taking the bucket off of Mr. Stamp's head, Mr. Mischief's nose goes missing for a few frames.
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