It Must Be the Parade is the song heard in Parade. It is sung by Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small.


Mr Men Show - It Must be the Parade

This is a song. And music video where others of The Mr. Men Show will go


Mr. Nosy: (Speaks) Wow! [UK: Look at that, Mr. Small!]
Mr. Small: Floats as big as smallish yachts.
Mr. Nosy: Giant balloons in tangled knots.
Mr. Small: Joyful sounds of marching bands.
Mr. Nosy: Barely a spot to sit or stand.

Mr. Small and Nosy:
It must be the parade!
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hooray!
It must be the Parade!
Coming your way!
It must be the parade right now.

Mr. Small: Horses stepping high and round!
Mr. Nosy: Batons flying over the crowd!
Mr. Small: Sure could use some lemonade. [UK: I would love some lemonade!]
Mr. Nosy: Wonder if there's any shade...


Mr. Small: Oh, look Nose! The Marching band drum core!
Mr. Nosy: Ooh! And over there is an elephant....core! [UK: ...over there is an apple core!]
Mr. Small: Oh, very funny, Nose!
Mr. Nosy: (Laughs)


Mr. Small: Flowers spewing purple goo!
Mr. Nosy: There's even a floating toilet too!
Mr. Small: Did a cloud just run past me?
Mr. Nosy: Uh-uh. That was Miss Calamity. [UK: Oh, it's Miss Calamity!]
Mr. Small: Nah!


Mr. Small: Ah! Splendid! [UK: Ah! Splendid, Nose! Splendid!]


  • This is one of Mr. Nos(e)y and Mr. Small's notable songs.
  • The song's title is shortened to "Parade" on the official composer's SoundCloud.[1]



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