The Mr. Men Show had a lot of musical numbers throughout its two-season run sung by a Mr. Man or Little Miss in the series. Most of the first season's music videos were composed of reused animation from other episodes with an offscreen voice while the second season had proper music videos. The now-defunct official website had proper music videos for some of the first season's songs, however.

Season 1

Song name Episode Singer

Also used in

Not in UK
Bumpity Bump Bump Boo Boos Mr. Messy (US voice in both versions, version with UK voice originally available on series website) Radio (US only)
Tickle It Out Farm

Mr. Scatterbrain

Mr. Tickle

Arts And Crafts

Dining Out

Reach High Movies Little Miss Sunshine (US voice in both versions) Radio
Talk To The Flowers Science Mr. Happy (US) *
Little Miss Chatterbox (UK)
Rock the Bones Science

Little Miss Scary





Beachin' With the Boom Box Beach Mr. Strong (this song is deleted in the UK version, but Mr. Strong singing it in his UK voice was originally available on the series website Parties

Radio (US only)

Dillydale Dance Floor Mall Mr. Bump (US voice in both versions in Mall, full version with UK voice originally available on series website)





Mr. Messy (US voice in both versions in Mall, full version with UK voice originally available on series website)
Mr. Scatterbrain
Hobbies (Doin' It) Hobbies Mr. Persnickety
The Beat is Taking Over Dance Mr. Messy Radio (US only)
All's Not Fair Fair

Little Miss Calamity

Tickle You Camping Mr. Nervous
The Dillydale Express Trains Mr. Small
Paint the World Paint Mr. Scatterbrain *
Fishes Fish Mr. Nervous
Scraping the Skylines Construction Mr. Bump (US)
Mr. Grumpy (UK)
Iceberg Boogie Snow Little Miss Helpful (US)
Little Miss Naughty (UK)
Beware of What You Grow Gardens Mr. Grumpy (US)
Mr. Nervous (UK)
The Boogie's Got Me Music Mr. Bounce (US)

Mr. Nervous (UK)

Cars *
Bump in the Night Night Mr. Quiet (US, but he sings it in his UK voice when he is singing it on screen in the music video of the original series website)
Little Miss Calamity (US)
Little Miss Helpful (UK)
Mr. Nervous (backup) (UK)
Big Mess Cooking Mr. Messy Cars
Rain on Down Rainy Day

Little Miss Calamity (US)

Little Miss Helpful (UK)
I'm Not Tired Sleep Mr. Stubborn
It Must Be the Parade Parade

Mr. Nosy

Mr. Small
The Dillydale Superstore Superstore Mr. Rude
The Birthday Song Birthday

Mr. Grumpy 


Mr. Nervous (UK)
Dillydale Song Dillydale Day

Little Miss Calamity

Mr. Bounce
Mr. Messy
Mr. Nosy
Mr. Small
Mr. Persnickety
Mr. Strong

Season 2

Space Junk, Four Eyes Mix, Gift Wrap and Observation Deck are removed from the UK broadcast.

Name Singer Episode
Burning Rubber Mr. Strong Driving
Space Junk Mr. Messy Outer Space
Four Eyes Mix Little Miss Whoops
Mr. Nervous
Mr. Fussy
Mr. Nosy (ending only)
Gift Wrap

Mr. Messy

Mr. Nosy (backup)

Mr. Small (backup)

Observation Deck

Mr. Nosy

Mr. Small

Junk Mail Mr. Messy Post Office
Boogie Boots Little Miss Daredevil Dance Dance Dance
Space Goo

Little Miss Scary

Little Miss Chatterbox

Beach Party A-Go-Go

Mr. Strong

Mr. Bump

Sand and Surf



Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay


Mr. Messy holds the record for singing the most songs, with six as well as two backups.

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