Songs that Appear in the Mr. Men Show.

List of Songs

Season 1

Song Name Episode Sung by References to this Episode

References to Earlier Episodes

Heard Again

Bumpity Bump Boo Boos Mr. Messy
Reach high (indo sky) Movies Miss Sunshine
Talk to the Flowers Science Mr. Happy *
Dinosaurs On The Loose Science Miss Scary
Beachin' With the Boom Box Beach Mr. Strong *
The Dillydale Dance Floor Mall Mr. Bump *
Hobbies on the Dance Floor Hobbies Mr. Persnickety
The Beat is Taking Over Dance Mr. Messy
All's Not Fair Fair Miss Calamity
Mr. Tickle's Fear Song Camping Mr. Nervous
The Dillydale Express Trains Mr. Small
Change the World Paint Mr. Scatterbrain *
Cheeky Little Fishies Fish Mr. Nervous
Building Buildings Construction Mr. Bump
Iceburg Boogie Snow Miss Helpful
Beware of What You Grow Gardens Mr. Grumpy (Mr. Nervous in UK)
The Boogies Got Me Music Mr. Bounce *
Bump in the Night Night

Mr. Quiet

(Along with Miss Calamity In US)

(Miss Helpful in UK)

Makin' a Big Mess Cooking Mr. Messy
Rain on Down Rainy Day

Miss Calamity (Miss Helpful in UK)

Who Needs Sleep Sleep Mr. Stubborn
It Must be the Parade Parade Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small
The Dillydale Superstore Superstore Mr. Rude
How Mr. Grumpy hates Birthdays Birthday Mr. Grumpy (Along with Mr. Bounce in UK)
  • Means that it Doesn't appear in the UK Version.

Season 2

All Songs that are not a part of Shazam That's Good are not present in the UK Version and may show instead of a Commercial. Now the Characters are seen singing on Screen.

Cosmic Trash (Sung By Mr. Messy in Outer Space)

4 Eyes are Better than One (Sung by the Characters with Glasses in Eyeglasses)

Gifts out of Junk (Sung by Mr. Messy in Gifts)

??? (Sung by ??? in Washing & Drying or Fruit)

The View of Sky Scrapers (Sung by Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small in Skyscrapers)

Season 3

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