In several episodes of The Mr. Men ShowLittle Miss Magic has accidentally used her magic to transform certain characters into items depending on the situation.

List of transformations

  • Mr. Messy: 1,000,000 tiny clones (Up And Down)
    • Spell: "Bibbledy-Boop and Bibbledy-Blelp, give Mr. Rude a whole lot of help."
    • Intention: To give Mr. Rude help at his job at the diner
  • Little Miss Daredevil: A goat (Sneezes & Hiccups)
    • Spell: "Bibbledy-Boop and Bibble-Biccups, put an end to her silly hiccups!" and "Bibbledy-Boop and Bibbledy-Back, Give the Goat girl her old voice back!"
    • Intention: To cure Little Miss Daredevil's hiccups and later undo the spell
  • Little Miss Scary: A pineapple (Trains And Planes)
    • Spell: "Bibbledy-Boop and Bibbledy-Buice, give Mr. Fussy a cup of juice !"
    • Intention: To give Mr. Fussy pineapple juice
  • Mr. Fussy: A block of ice (Trains And Planes)
    • Spell: "Za-ra-zee!"
    • Intention: To give Mr. Fussy a glass of pineapple juice with ice"
  • Mr. Rude: A bean burger (Parks)
    • Spell: "!"
    • Intention: To give Mr. Rude a bean burger and get rid of the bears from her previous spell.
  • Mr. Noisy: A whale (Travel)
    • Spell: "Za-ra-zee!"
    • Intention: To give Mr. Noisy a drink after he exclaimed that he is "as thirsty as a whale"
  • Herself: A lawnmower (Sneezes & Hiccups); a tree (Trees).
    • Intention: To escape a venus flytrap (Sneezes & Hiccups); to advertise her tree wand (Trees)


  • "Za-ra-zee!" is typically the spell she uses to undo a previous spell, but she used it to turn Mr. Noisy into a whale in "Travel".


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