A list of the characters' places of residence in The Mr. Men Show. Rather than living in unique towns like Happyland or Tiddletown, the Mr. Men and Little Misses all live in a single town called Dillydale.

Character Image Description
Mr. Tickle
Tickle House.jpg
A small shack surrounded by palm trees.
Mr. Happy
Mr Happy House 2008.PNG
A small, brightly-colored house next to Mr. Grumpy's.

Mr. Nosy

Mr. Small

Mr Nosy Small House 2008.PNG
An observatory used to snoop on others.
Mr. Bump
Mr Bump House 2008.png
A medium-sized modern house with a bandaged roof next to Little Miss Whoops'.

Mr. Messy

Mr. Fussy

Mr Fussy Messy House 2008.png
A duplex-style house that's neat on Mr. Fussy's end and dirty on Mr. Messy's.
Mr. Nervous
Mr Nervous House 2008.png
A lighthouse with many locks to keep out intruders next to Little Miss Scary's.
Mr. Noisy
Mr Noisy House 2008.png
A house shaped like a boombox next to Mr. Quiet's.
Mr. Lazy
Mr Lazy House 2008.png
A simple trailer.
Mr. Bounce
Mr Bounce House 2008.png
A typical wooden house.
Mr. Strong
Mr Strong House 2008.png
A house with a triangular door and many pipes attached to it.
Mr. Grumpy
Mr Grumpy House 2008.png
A house with many signs to tell others to leave him alone next to Mr. Happy's.
Mr. Quiet
Mr Quiet House 2008.png
A small, zen-type shack with a palm tree out front next to Mr. Noisy's.
Mr. Rude
Mr Rude House 2008.png
A mushroom-shaped home in between Little Miss Chatterbox's and Little Miss Bossy's.
Mr. Scatterbrain
Mr Scatterbrain House 2008.png
An odd, abstract house with a pointed roof.
Mr. Stubborn
Mr Stubborn House 2008.png
A normal wooden house.
Little Miss Bossy
Miss Bossy House 2008.png
A military hut guarded by a barbed-wire fence next to Mr. Rude's. A flag with her image on it is in the front yard.
Little Miss Sunshine
Miss Sunshine House 2008.png
A pink, floral-patterned house surrounded by sunflowers.
Little Miss Chatterbox
Miss Chatterbox House 2008.png
A house shaped like a telephone. In "Canned Goods", it was up on a hill, but in other episodes, it is on a flat road next to Mr. Rude's house.
Little Miss Scary
Miss Scary House 2008.png
A large, gloomy manor surrounded by leafless trees and perpetual storm clouds. Lives next to Mr. Nervous.
Little Miss Whoops
Miss Whoops House 2008.png
A normal wooden house next to Mr. Bump's.
Little Miss Calamity
Miss Calamity House 2008.png
A house that dangles off a cliff barely supported by wooden beams.
Little Miss Daredevil
DareDevil House.jpg
A rocket-shaped house with a ladder entrance, most likely an actual rocket.
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