This is a list of instances in other works in which the Mr. Men and Little Miss series is referenced in some way.


Series Episode Description Image
The Amazing World of Gumball Various In various episodes, characters who bear striking similarities to the Mr. Men and Little Misses appear.
Extras shapes.png
Anpanman One of Baikinman's minions the Beroberoman has a great resemblance to Mr. Sneeze.
The Chase

In one episode of The Chase, Bradley questioned a contestant on what colour is Little Miss Sunshine, in which she correctly answered yellow.

In another episode, An Underworld question feature's Mr. Greedy's name as one of the answers but however the correct answer was Mr. Big.

Chowder In the episode "Grubble Gum", after a bear becomes stuck in the grubble gum after he attacked Mung, Chowder and Schnitzel (who are also trapped in the same grubble gum as him). He growls at Mung and which he replies by saying "Will try your idea, Mr. Grumpy". In which Mung reference the character Mr. Grumpy.

In the episode Lost and Floundering, a safety poster featuring Mr. Bump can be seen in the lost-and-found office that Paul and Barry are working at.

Dead Ringers

An animated parody features Mr. Happy walking to the wrong side of Mr. Men Land. He meets "Little Miss

Chav", who angrily tells him to leave when he asks for directions, "Mr. Happy-Slapper" and "Little Miss Asbo", who beat up Mr. Happy and record it with their video camera, and "Mr. Crackdealer" (who has the same appearance as Mr. Messy). At the end of the segment, Mr. Happy is shot and killed by "Mr. Drive-By-Shoot".

In the sketch, Mr. Happy is wearing big shoes (in which Mr. Noisy, Mr. Silly, Mr. Tall and Mr. Marvellous normally wears) and a hat, in which in the main series of Mr. Men and Little Miss, he doesn't wear anything.


Dead Ringers- Mr. Men Land

Five Gold Rings In second series, one of the episode featured a Mr. Men themed challenge, The Contestant must find the missing object, in which the correct spot was Mr. Strong's hat.

5 Gold Rings - Finding the Mr. Men Missing Item - ITV

Girl Meets World Auggie's favourite toy, Mister Googly, has a similar appearance to Mr. Sneeze.
Mr. Googly.jpg
MAD "Cowboys & Alien Force/ThunderLOLCats" A redesigned Mr. Forgetful briefly appears before being lassoed in the "Cowboys and Alien Force" segment.
Mike and Molly In one episode, Mr. Tickle and Mr. Messy plushes are seen.
Pointless Some episodes and celebrity specials, features categories based around the Mr. Men characters. One episode has a celebrity contestant answered Mr. Potato but since it's a Mr. Men category, it was incorrect.
South Park "Imaginationland" Some Mr. Men can be seen in the background.
"Super Hard PCness" The intro for the Terrance & Phillip Show is very similar to the Canadian version of The Mr. Men and Little Miss TV show.
Stuck in the Middle "Stuck with a Winner" Daphne is seen wearing a shirt with Mr. Happy on it.
True Jackson, VP A character is seen wearing  a shirt with Mr. Happy on it.
Who Dares Wins A Mr. Men category appears in an episode.


Work Description Image
Dumb Ways to Die The characters in this series bear a striking similarity to the Mr. Men characters.
Grammaropolis The characters slightly resemble the Mr. Men and Little Misses. According to Cool Mom Picks, Disney’s Schoolhouse Rock had Grammar Rock and their books “had an adorable love child.”


Advertisement Description Video
Mueller The Mr. Men characters appear in 2011 Muller advert alongside K.I.T.T from Night Rider and Hanna-Barbera characters Yogi Bear and Muttley.

The advert starts with a policeman giving K.I.T.T a ticket, but however a Muller truck spies on him and transforms into a transformer like robot and consume the policeman, turning him into Yogi Bear. The Muller carriage then starts turning people into Mr. Men characters and joins Yogi Bear, then they spotted a wreaking ball about to smash a house but Muttley then flies towards the wreaking ball and bash it with a giant hammer. The Advert ends the characters celebrating as a giant rainbow appears in the sky.


The New Muller Advert Starring Kit, Yugi Bear & Mr Men....3D & HD Version

Reading is Fundamental Mr. Happy, Mr. Tickle, Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. Tall made cameo appearances in an advert entitled Book People Unite.

Reading is Fundamental- Book People Unite

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