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Little Miss (sometimes called Mr. Men and Little Miss) originally aired in 1983 in the UK and in 1985 in America. It was all the Little Miss stories, they were narrated by John Alderton and Pauline Collins in the UK and Robert Axelrod in the US, with the character voices in the American version being done by Mike Reynolds, Ted Lehmann, Daniel Woren, Bill Capizzi, Kerrigan Mahan, Robert V. Barron and Catherine Battistone[1].

Little Miss logo

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  1. Little Miss Tiny (February 14, 1983 (UK), March 31, 1985 (USA))
  2. Little Miss Shy (February 21, 1983 (UK), May 26, 1985 (USA))
  3. Little Miss Splendid (February 28, 1983 (UK), March 3, 1985 (USA))
  4. Little Miss Magic (March 7, 1983 (UK), April 28, 1985 (USA))
  5. Little Miss Neat (March 14, 1983 (UK), May 5, 1985 (USA))
  6. Little Miss Naughty (March 21, 1983 (UK), April 14, 1985 (USA))
  7. Little Miss Scatterbrain (September 13, 1983 (UK), May 12, 1985 (USA))
  8. Little Miss Trouble (September 27, 1983 (UK), April 21, 1985 (USA))
  9. Little Miss Bossy (November 18, 1983 (UK), April 7, 1985 (USA))
  10. Little Miss Sunshine (November 25, 1983 (UK), May 19, 1985 (USA))
  11. Little Miss Plump (December 2, 1983 (UK), March 17, 1985 (USA))
  12. Little Miss Late (December 16, 1983 (UK), March 10, 1985 (USA))
  13. Little Miss Helpful (December 30, 1983 (UK), March 24, 1985 (USA))

International Titles[]

  • Hnáturnar (Iceland)
  • גברת קטינה (Israel)


  • The first appearances of Mr. Quiet, Mr. Rush (mentioned), Mr. Tall, Mr. Mischief, Mr. Clever and Mr. Slow on TV.
  • This was the first series based on Mr. Men to be released in the United States. Later on, five episodes of the 1975 Mr. Men series would be released to VHS there in 1987.
  • Unlike the series before it, the episodes are more loosely based on the books.
    • In Little Miss Late, the dance she was late for is moved to the beginning instead of the end.
    • In Little Miss Naughty, Mr. Clever's role is replaced by Mr. Greedy, the part where she tries to trip Mr. Busy is replaced with her trying to scare Mr. Jelly, the tricks Mr. Impossible plays on her are changed and there is an extra bit with Mr. Mean where she goes to a restaurant called "Muddles" and sends the bill to him, to replace Mr. Bump.
    • Because of this, Mr. Bump only cameos in this and Mr. Clever only appears in Little Miss Trouble.
    • Unlike the books Mr. Worry appeared in 2 of the Little Miss stories, in Little Miss Naughty he replaces Mr. Small, in Little Miss Trouble, Mr. Worry is used to frame Mr. Small.
    • The ending to Little Miss Plump is extended.
    • In Little Miss Bossy, Wilfred the Wizard is traditionally human shaped and isn't referred to by his name. Also, Mr. Nosey is replaced by Mr. Chatterbox, and Little Miss Sunshine replaced Mr. Happy.
    • Mr. Mischief and Mr. Dizzy appear in Little Miss Shy.
    • For reasons unknown, the worm and a snail appear in Little Miss Tiny.
    • When Miss Trouble gives the answer to what Mr. Small calls Mr. Snooty, Mr. Clever and Mr. Worry behind their backs, she whispers instead of saying the word out loud.
    • Mr. Topsy-Turvy appears in Little Miss Late.
    • There is an added scene in Little Miss Helpful where she goes to see in the wizard‘s book how to shrink Mr. Tall, and it works! Mr. Small shows up and says Mr. Tall is as small as he is. When Miss Helpful tries to make him tall again, she forgets the magic spell.
    • Mr. Slow appears in Little Miss Scatterbrain.
    • In the book of Little Miss Magic, it is only mentioned that Mr. Mean, Mr. Greedy, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Quiet, Little Miss Plump and Little Miss Shy were being tickled, unlike in the TV episode where they are shown. In Little Miss Magic's book, after shrinking Mr. Tickle's arms, Mr. Happy took her to a restaurant called "Smilers." In the episode, they went to get ice cream with Little Miss Magic using her magic to call an ice cream truck and they ordered to raspberry ripples.
    • In Little Miss Trouble, instead of being punched, Mr. Snooty, Mr. Clever (and Mr. Worry who was absent in the original book)) startle Mr. Small while he was working in the sweet shop, causing him to fall over backwards and hurt his foot hard.
  • In the 1983 cartoon, Little Miss Greedy has her original title, Little Miss Plump.
  • In the US dub, some of the dialogue is very different. For example, in Little Miss Trouble, in the UK version, when Walter sees her, he says "Oh watch it, here comes trouble!", in the US dub, he instead says "Uh oh, here comes trouble!", in addition, before the worm goes down into his hole in the UK version, he groans. In the US version, he simply says "Good-bye!".
  • This is the first time Mr. Tall became short. (The other times he became short was in "Little Miss Splendid's Gift" and "A Surprise For Mr. Tall")
  • Three of the characters were angry in the 8th episode.
  • Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Fussy and Mr. Bounce appear during the ending song despite not appearing in any of the episodes themselves. The reason for this is because when the series was originally aired on the BBC, the Mr. Men shown on there were the ones that were mentioned on the song, despite Mr. Small also appearing in the song.
  • The Icelandic dub doesn't translate the titles of the episodes or the songs.
  • There were also intermissions that played between episodes.


  • In Little Miss Naughty, Mr. Mean has hair like Miss Shy's.
  • In Little Miss Magic, Mr. Mean lacks ears and his nose is blue.
  • In Little Miss Helpful, one scene has Miss Helpful with freckles on her face.
  • In Little Miss Trouble, during the tickling scene, her nose disappears.
  • In the US dub of Little Miss Neat, During the packing scene, Her eyes disappear.
  • In the end of Little Miss Tiny, Mr. Strong's hat disappears.
  • In the beginning of Little Miss Magic, Miss Magic's nose is on the wrong place of her face as she's walking to her kitchen.

Colour Errors[]

  • Little Miss Late is green instead of brown.
  • Mr. Topsy-Turvy is pink instead of orange, and his hat is black instead of yellow.
  • Mr. Chatterbox's hat is blue instead of green.
  • In Little Miss Magic, Mr. Quiet is red instead of light brown, and has no hair.
  • Mr. Muddle is blue instead of green.
  • Mr. Dizzy is dark grey instead of brown.
  • In Little Miss Shy, Mr. Quiet is green instead of light brown.
  • Mr. Silly is light green instead of brown, except in Little Miss Tiny, where he has his regular colour.
  • Mr. Small is red-orange instead of red.
  • Mr. Daydream is navy blue instead of cyan blue.

Early Bird Cameos/Cameo Roles[]

  • Little Miss Neat first appeared in Little Miss Late before her own episode.
  • Little Miss Sunshine appears in Little Miss Bossy and Little Miss Magic before her own episode.
  • Little Miss Shy appears in Little Miss Magic before her own episode.

Title Cards[]



  1. Citation needed
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