Little Miss Bossy has a Busy Day is the 42nd episode of the third season of Mr. Men and Little Miss.

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Little Miss Bossy went to Tiddletown to go shopping, but when she got there, nobody was there, the reason was because all of the Mr. Men and Little Miss were at the zoo, they were all having fun also because she wasn't there.

When the zoo was about to close, the zoo keeper told Mr. Forgetful to close the cages, but he forgot and he went on the bus with the others. Suddenly he remembered so they turned the bus around, but all the animals escaped, there was a gorilla in the bakery, a hippo in Little Miss Splendid's fountain, a giraffe in Mr. Tall's bed, and a snake next to Little Miss Shy.

Soon Mr. Clever had a great idea. He told Little Miss Bossy to order the animals back to the zoo and Mr. Forgetful locked the cages. When Mr. Forgetful locked up a cage, he left her inside, it looks like she went to the zoo after all.



  • There were 2 Little Miss Loud(s) in one scene.
  • Mr. Happy was shown twice on the bus: one Mr. Happy had his head in the sunroof and another was sitting on the bus seat
  • In the book version of this episode, one picture featured Mr. Sneeze with beady eyes just the rest of the Mr. Men and Little Misses. However, in this episode he has his usual eyes.
  • At the end when Little Miss Bossy realised she was locked in the zoo, she had a high pitched cry of shock which doesn't fit her normal deep voice.
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