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'What a calamity!'
— Miss Calamity's catchphrase
Little Miss Calamity

Little Miss Calamity

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Little Miss Calamity is a new Little Miss who was created for The Mr. Men Show.


Little Miss Calamity is almost always in trouble. Normally, the trouble starts with something normal, then something goes terribly wrong, especially if machines are involved. In the end, anything that starts out right is completely in shambles. She always ends these troublesome moments with her catchphrase, "What a calamity!" In the US version she has a Jewish accent and in the UK version she has a Lancashire accent. Miss Calamity hosts a television show of her own called "Driving with Miss Calamity" in the episode “Car Wash”. Miss Calamity has her hair in a flip design and she has a dark green nose and also wears white sneakers just like Mr. Small does in his new show design and is also the same orange color as Mr. Small is in his new show design. She also owns a bakery as shown in the episode, “Restaurants”. She has a nice white house which dangles dangerously off a cliff and is barely supported by a few wooden beams. She is accident-prone like Mr. Bump and Little Miss Whoops and very unlucky. Her last appearance is in the episode, “Ships”.

In the episode, “Trees”, a realistic looking golden statue of her is shown for a short while when Mr. Noisy, Little Miss Helpful and Little Miss Chatterbox are trying to decorate Mr. Quiet's treehouse with some ornaments. She is voiced by Aline Mowat (UK) and Rachel Ramras (US), respectively. In the French version, she is called Madame Calamité.

After her removal in the series proper, she returned in a cameo in Little Miss Sunshine: Here Comes the Sun! and a proper speaking appearance in Mr. Strong: Good Thing I Came Along!.

About her[]

  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Orange
  • Lives in: Dillydale.
  • House: A very nice white house that dangles dangerously off a cliff with wooden beam supports to support it.
  • Friends: Possibly Little Miss Daredevil, Little Miss Helpful, Mr. Happy and a few other Mr. Men and Little Misses
  • Dislikes: Chaos, disharmony, getting hurt, her own clumsiness, surprises, Things going wrong, having bad luck, having accidents, disasters, commotions and calamities, losing hat
  • Likes: Flowers, cute things, harmony, serenity, having good luck, things going right and smooth
  • Shape: Rounded rectangle
  • Rivals: Mr. Rude and Mr. Stubborn
  • Nationality: Lancashire (UK), Brooklyn (US)
  • Personality: Sweet, kind and big- hearted, nice, kind, innocent, pretty, beautiful, and happy

International versions[]

  • Madame Calamité (French)
  • Unsere Ursula Unglück (German)
  • גברת מהומה (Gvéret Mahoméh; Hebrew)
  • Menina Calamidade (Portuguese)
  • Miss Tubaisteach (Irish)
  • 사고양 (Sagu-yang; Korean, Cartoon Network dub)
  • 불행양 (Bulhaeng-yang; Korean, EBS dub)
  • 災難小姐 (Zāinàn Xiǎojiě; Taiwan)
  • サイナンちゃん (Sainan-Chan; Japanese)
  • Мисс Несчастье (Russian)
  • الآنسة مزعجة (Al-ʾĀnisatu Muzʿija; Arabic, Jeem TV Dub)
  • الآنسة كارثة (Al-ʾĀnisatu Kāriṯa; Arabic, SpaceToon Dub)


  • First Appearance: Physical
  • Last Appearance: Ships (TV), Trees (as a statue), Little Miss Daredevil: The Incredible Race!.
  • Little Miss Calamity was the only character seen going to the bathroom as seen in the episodes Trains and Construction.
  • Series director Mark Risley confirmed that the reason she was excluded from the second season is because Chorion didn't like her.[1] The reason for that is unknown.
    • He also confirmed that she was inspired by Olive Oyl from the Popeye cartoons.[2]
  • In "Collecting" it's said that she doesn't like frogs, but in "Boo-Boos" she has a pet frog.
    • However, it's possible the events of "Boo-Boos" gave her a traumatic dislike of frogs.
  • In the episode, Rainy Day, Mr. Persnickety called her a bad luck charm because she brings bad luck to everybody, including herself, even from a distance.
  • One of the animators for the show under the name "cletusandfloyd" wrote an IMDb review where they expressed fondness for working on the show but stated animating Miss Calamity was tedious because "she's the only character who isn't symmetrical. Her hair is parted to one side, so you can't simply 'flip' her for a turn-a-round without changing her hair-part to the correct direction."


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