Little Miss Chatterbox Goes to Seatown is the 20th episode of the third season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 7 February, 1997.

Little Miss Chatterbox Goes to Seatown.png


Little Miss Chatterbox is on holiday at Seatown. While walking at the beach, she meets Mr. Grumpy and Little Miss Busy, who are preparing to participate in the big regatta with their sailing boat. Little Miss Chatterbox immediately climbs on board, without giving them time to object.

But there isn't the tiniest puff of wind and Mr. Grumpy has given up all hope of winning. That is, until Little Miss Busy realises that when Little Miss Chatterbox talks, it creates more than enough breeze for them to keep going. Seeing the truth of her words, Mr. Grumpy encourages Little Miss Chatterbox to keep talking, which makes more than enough air to allow our three friends to win the regatta!




  • As Little Miss Chatterbox is arriving in Seatown, she can be seen among the beach goers, despite not having arrived yet. What is more is that the Little Miss Chatterbox that's already in Seatown is wearing no shoes.
  • Little Miss Quick is green in this episode instead of pink.
  • Mr. Skinny's nose is red in this episode instead of green.
  • When the Mayor declares Mr. Grumpy, Little Miss Busy, and Little Miss Chatterbox the winners, Little Miss Busy isn't wearing any shoes.
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