Little Miss Greedy's Strange Illness is the 29th episode of the third season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 3 September, 1997.


Little Miss Greedy has been invited for tea with Little Miss Bossy and Little Miss Splendid. Being the gluttonous lady she is, Little Miss Greedy has such a sweet tooth. She sends Little Miss Bossy a vast quantity of sweets as a present, with the intention of eating some of them herself, much to Little Miss Bossy's displeasure, who throws them straight into the dustbin, fearing for her health.

A horrified Little Miss Greedy rushes to gobble up all the sweets whilst no one is looking. As a result, she gets sick from food poisoning, much to the astonishment of her two friends, who can't understand how one glass of orange juice can have such a disastrous effect. So Little Miss Bossy rings them up to tell them what had happened, and the next day, Little Miss Greedy wakes up to find out that the Juice Company had given her some sweets as a present, which makes her faint.


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