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Little Miss Magic is a resident magician who has actual magic powers. At the beginning of the story, Little Miss Magic gets out of bed and tells her toothpaste tube to squeeze, and it does, similar to the items during breakfast. Mr. Happy then comes over, looking the opposite and complaining about Mr. Tickle due to him tickling all the time. The next day, Little Miss Magic shrinks Mr. Tickle's arms and tells him to come to her house. The next day after that, Mr. Tickle comes over to Little Miss Magic's house, and Little Miss Magic says to Mr. Tickle 'You can have One tickle a day!'. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Tickle uses his 'one tickle a day' on her.




The transcript for "Little Miss Magic (Cartoon)" can be found here.

Differences Between the Book and the Cartoon[]

  • In the book, Mr. Happy took Little Miss Magic out to his favorite restaurant, "Smilers." In the cartoon, Mr. Happy took Little Miss Magic out for ice cream (which Little Miss Magic made appear) and ordered 2 raspberry ripples.


  • This is the first episode for several things:
    • The first appearances of Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Magic and Mr. Greedy's cousin, Little Miss Plump.
    • The first episode not to have Little Miss Splendid appear since her debut appearance.
  • In the Icelandic dub, when Mr. Happy explains about Mr. Tickle's antics, the dialogue doesn't match the lip movements. Also Little Miss Magic's house is called "Hocus Pocus Cottage".


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Mr Men, Little Miss Magic

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