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'Sometimes, I just can't help myself!'
— Miss Naughty, The Mr. Men Show
Little Miss Naughty

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Book No.
2 (UK and US)
14 (France)
Release Date
1 September 1981
Preceded by
Little Miss Bossy (UK and US)
Little Miss Fun (France)
Followed by
First appearance

Little Miss Naughty is the second book in the Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves. She also is the general main antagonist of the Mr. Men and Little Miss series.

About her[]



Little Miss Naughty in the books

Little Miss Naughty likes playing practical jokes. She awakens one day, thinking it looks like a good day for being naughty. She knocks Mr. Snooty's hat off his head and jumps on it, and breaks Mr. Clever's glasses. She also runs off with Mr. Bump's bandages, wrapping them on Mr. Small. The Mr. Men hold a meeting to decide what to do. Mr. Small meets with Mr. Impossible, who can make himself invisible, and each time Little Miss Naughty tries to do something naughty, Mr. Impossible tweaks her nose. After a week it cures Little Miss Naughty of her naughtiness.

Little Miss Naughty First Edition

Little Miss Naughty First Edition

The Mr. Men Show[]

Naughty transparent

Little Miss Naughty in The Mr. Men Show

In the 2008 TV series The Mr. Men Show, she kept her purple color and shape, but now has curly pink hair, dark fuchsia nose, pink rosy cheeks, her bow is a lighter shade of green and is smaller and neater, and also has a Russian accent in the U.S. version and a Bristolian accent in the U.K version.

Her catchphrase is 'Sometimes I just can't help myself.' On occasion, her pranks always backfire on her in every episode. Her pranks are more elaborate and clever, such as in 'Library' when she switched book covers to the point where Mr. Messy cleaned himself. In 'Robots', she created a robot called Mr. Metal.

She is voiced by Alicyn Packard in the US version and Jo Wyatt (Season 1) and Teresa Gallagher (Season 2) in the UK version.

Differences From The Book[]

  • In the Little Miss Naughty episode, Little Miss Naughty took the turkey from the oven and replaced it with a sausage, went to the expensive restaurant (named Muddle's) buying expensive food, sending the bill to Mr. Mean, told Mr. Worry about spots, floated away when she was trying to scare him, trying to wake up Mr. Lazy, and she was cured after causing naughty, but it was not shown in the book.


General/book trivia[]

  • In the US dub of Mr. Men and Little Miss, she speaks with a New Jersey accent. In the original UK broadcast, she spoke with a Birmingham accent.
  • She appears to be a lot smaller in size in Mr. Men and Little Miss, being around the same size as Little Miss Twins.
  • In Mr. Perfect’s episode of “Mr. Men Little Miss / ミスターメン リトルミス”, she is Indigo and is the same size as Mr. Greedy.

The Mr. Men Show trivia[]

  • Her voice is high-pitched and squeaky in the UK (Season 1 only) and French dubs, but soft and seductive-sounding in the US and UK (Season 2) versions.
  • She seems to like money and may be a little greedy when it comes to money, as seen in Canned Goods, Yard Work, and especially in Bugs.
  • Like Mr. Bounce and Little Miss Magic, her video on the now-defunct official website is her first speaking appearance.
  • Little Miss Trouble was considered for the series but Little Miss Naughty took the spot due to her being more of a prankster.
  • Little Miss Naughty took the longest to appear in the series of all the characters introduced in the first season, not making her debut until the fourth episode, 'Movies'.


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International publications & translations[]

This is a list of alternate titles for this book being published internationally:

  • Miss Dána (Irish)
  • Madame Canaille (French)
  • Unsere Ulla Ungezogen (German, 1986)
  • Miss Frech (German, 2017)
  • Doña Traviesa (Castilian Spanish, 1988)
  • Doña Traviesilla (Castilian Spanish, 1999)
  • Juffertje Kattekop (Dutch, 1986)
  • Mevrouwtje Stout (Dutch, 1998)
  • Mevrouwtje Ondeugend (Dutch, 2011)
  • Menina Marota (Portuguese)
  • Η Κυρία Σκανταλιάρα (I Kyría Skantaliára) (Greek, 1988)
  • Η Κυρία Ατακτούλα (I Kyría Ataktoúla) (Greek, 1994)
  • Lille Frøken Fræk (Danish)
  • Lille Frøken Ugagnskråke (Norwegian)
  • Fröken Hrekkvís (Icelandic, 1980s)
  • Ungfrú Stríðin (Icelandic, 2010)
  • Mała Paskudka (Polish)
  • Mala Porednica (Slovenian)
  • Micuța Domnișoară Obraznică (Romanian)
  • Miss Csintalan (Hungarian)
  • Госпођица Неваљалица (Gospođica Nevaljalica; Serbian)
  • Küçük Bayan Uslanmaz (Turkish)
  • Мисс Проделка (Miss Prodelka; Russian)
  • 淘汽小姐 (Táoqì Xiǎojiě; China)
  • 淘氣小姐 (Táoqì Xiǎojiě; Taiwan)
  • 頑皮小姐 (Waan⁴ pei⁴ Siu² ze²; Cantonese)
  • いたずらっこちゃん (Itazurakko-Chan; Japanese)
  • 장난양 (Jangnan-yang; Korean)
  • 말괄량이양 (Malgwallyang'i-yang; Korean in The Mr. Men Show; EBS dub)
  • גברת תעלול (Gvéret Ta'alul; Hebrew, 1989)
  • גברת שובבה (Gvéret Shovavá; Hebrew, 1996)
  • الآنسة مشاكسة (Al-ʾĀnisatu Mušākisa; Arabic in The Mr. Men Show, Jeem TV Dub)
  • الآنسة مشاغبة (Al-ʾĀnisatu Mušāḡiba; Arabic in The Mr. Men Show, SpaceToon Dub)
  • خانم کوچولوی شیطون (Xânom Kučulu-ye Šeytun; Persian, Gohar Danesh)
  • خانم کوچولوی بدجنسی (Xânom Kučulu-ye Badajensi; Persian, Avae Andisheh)
  • شیطون خانم (Šeytun-e Xânom; Persian, Ghadiyani)

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