Little Miss Naughty and the Good Fairy is part of the Mr. Men and Little Miss Magic series.


When Little Miss Naughty noticed a mushroom ring outside in her garden, she goes to see it. When she approaches it, she shrinks down and opens a door in a mushroom and ends up in a fairyland, where a good fairy greets her and asks her to stay over at her castle. Little Miss Naughty is captivated by the good fairy's magic wand. She steals it and uses it to cause problems for everyone in Misterland, but the thing is, the wand does more good than harm, which leaves Little Miss Naughty frustrated! When she gets home, she complains about the wand being no good. The good fairy then tells her that her wand only makes good things happen. This leaves Little Miss Naughty curious. She wants to know where the naughty fairy lives!



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