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3 April, 2003
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Little Miss Scary is the thirty-first book in the Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves and the first one created by Adam Hargreaves.

About her[]

  • Colour: Red
  • Shape: Round with spiky hair
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Terrifying, Frightening, Fearful, Horrifying, Ghastly, Spine-chilling, Spooky, Hair-raising
  • Hair: Scarlet spikes
  • Family: None
  • Friends: Mr. Quiet, Mr. Messy, Mr. Nervous (one-sided) Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Daredevil, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Grumpy (sometimes), Little Miss Chatterbox
  • Enemies: Mr. Grumpy (sometimes), Mr. Rude, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Nervous (at times), Mr. Tickle
  • Occupation: Saleswoman, Co-presenter of The Dillydale Morning News
  • Species: Shaped Human
  • Likes: Scary things, being scarier than anyone
  • Dislikes: Cute things, other people being scary like her, anyone who tries to scare other people, getting tickled by Mr. Tickle
  • Job: Scaring people
  • Features: Spiked hair
  • Nationality: South American (US), Southeast English (UK) 
  • Voice Actresses: Susan Balboni (The Men Men Show; US), Jo Wyatt (The Mr. Men Show; UK, season 1), Alex Kelly (The Mr. Men Show; UK, season 2)
  • Catchphrase: "Now that's really scary!" "I love fear." "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!"



Miss Scary in the books

Little Miss Scary enjoys scaring people more than anything. She lives on the top of a mountain in a house called Spooky Cottage, when it was dark she will always creep into the valley, wait quietly and scare people with a loud "BOO!" or with some scary equipment. One day Mr. Noisy visits Mr. Jelly, who was scared because Little Miss Scary kept jumping on him and shouted "BOO!" at him, so Mr. Noisy makes an idea, he and Mr. Jelly uses the same method Little Miss Scary uses to scare others, and she was now scared and ran to her house. Mr. Jelly disappears, so Mr. Noisy goes back to his house to have a look under Mr. Jelly's bed.

The Mr. Men Show[]

Scary transparent

In The Mr. Men Show, Little Miss Scary kept her looks except one of her spikes is gone, her remaining spikes are a bit longer, and she is a darker shade of red. She is also a normal height instead of small like in the books. She loves fear and has her own television show, "Miss Scary's Late Night Scare Fest." She often dislikes other people who are scary like her because she thinks being scary is her job. She lives next to Mr. Nervous, her favourite target to scare, in a gloomy manor surrounded by prepetual storm clouds and leafless trees. She has a collection of a variety of masks (one of them being a Mr. Grumpy mask which spooked some aliens in Picnic), which she uses to scare the other Mr. Men and Little Misses, though she can get scared by them as well. When she scares others with her mask, she often gives a terrifying screech. She has a scary snore, according to Mr. Messy, as seen in Sleep. She loves it when Little Miss Magic teleports. Although she often snorts when she laughs, her low, raspy, witch-like voice was provided by Susan Balboni in North American dubbed airing, while the Southeast English accent was provided by Jo Wyatt in the UK version, being replaced by Alex Kelly in the second season. She is first seen in Physical.

List of characters[]

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.

Pictures only[]

Title character and other appearances[]



Mr. Men Little Miss / ミスタ一メン リトルミス[]


General trivia[]

  • Little Miss Scary is the second character for sharing the name with another character as being one of the Little Miss Spice Girls, the first being Mr. No.
  • At first for her, things don't seem so scary, but later on in the plot, they start to get a bit scary.
  • Although she loves scary things, she was afraid of the monsters along with the other Mr. Men and Little Misses in Mr. Men - Adventure with Monsters.
  • One of the Chinese versions of her book depicts her without a mouth.
  • She is the second smallest Little Miss, only bigger than Little Miss Tiny.

The Mr. Men Show trivia[]

  • Little Miss Scary, Mr. Rude, and Little Miss Whoops are the first Adam Hargreaves-created characters to appear in animated form, starting with the show.
  • The only times she got scared herself is in these episodes: The Dark, Inventions, Snow, Gardens, Night, Food, Outer Space, Arts & Crafts, Game Shows, Gifts, Fruit, Skyscrapers, Post Office, Trees, Machines, Eyeglasses, and Pests (offscreen).
  • She had a bit of a southern accent in early episodes of the first season.
  • She has a talent for ballet, as shown in Skyscrapers and Dance, Dance, Dance.
  • She dislikes when other characters or things scare people, claiming that scaring people is her job.
  • In Season 2, all of Miss Scary's masks are redesigned. She also gets a mask in Mr. Grumpy's likenesses.
  • She is the only Little Miss that does not cry, not even once.

See Counterparts Wiki.


The Mr. Men Show[]

"Now my balloon is gone, I have to scare them myself." - Parade
"Get a grip, Mr. Nervous, it's just a sprinkler." - Heatwave
"BWA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" - Every episode
"Hey! Put down that snowglobe. You break it, you buy it." - Adventure
"I had to use my scariest mask." - Picnics
"I love fear!" - Full Moon
"Five tons of stinky, sticky go!" - Goo
"If it isn't scary, it isn't fun!" - Whenever she's selling something
"Miss Sunshine wouldn't know a scary story if it yanked one of her pigtails" - Bad Weather
"No, no... and definitely not." - Arts and Crafts
"Stop trying to scare everyone, that's my job!" - Sightseeing
"Come on Mr. Nervous, Just hit the ball! Some of us want to play miniature golf too you know." - Physical (First line)

International publications & translations[]

This is a list of alternate titles for this book being published internationally.

  • Miss Scanrúil (Irish)
  • Madame Terreur (French)
  • Miss Grusel (German)
  • Unsere Greta Grusel (German dub of The Mr. Men Show only)
  • Miss Bú (Spanish)
  • Mevrouwtje Eng (Dutch)
  • Menina Susto (Portuguese)
  • Η κυρία Τρομακτική (I kyría Tromaktikí) (Greek)
  • Lille Frøken Farlig (Danish)
  • Mała Straszka (Polish)
  • Micuța Domnișoară Sperietoare (Romanian)
  • Мисс Ужас (Miss Uzhas; Russian)
  • 可怕小姐 (Kěpà Xiǎojiě; Taiwan in The Mr. Men Show)
  • 嚇人小姐 (Xiàrén Xiǎojiě; Taiwan)
  • 吓人小姐 (Xiàrén Xiǎojiě China)
  • 嚇人小姐 (Haak³ jan⁴ Siu² ze²; Cantonese)
  • びびらせちゃん (Bibirase-Chan; Japanese)
  • 겁주기양 (Geop Jugi-yang; Korean in The Mr. Men Show, Cartoon Network dub)
  • 오싹양 (Ossak-yang; Korean in The Mr. Men Show, EBS dub)
  • 무서워양 (Museowo-yang; Korean)
  • גברת מפחידה (Gvéret Mafkhidá; Hebrew in The Mr. Men Show)
  • גברת פחד (Gvéret Pákhad; Hebrew)
  • خانم کوچولوی پخ پخو (Xânom Kučulu-ye Pax Paxu; Persian, Gohar Danesh)
  • ترسناک خانم (Tarsnâk-e Xânom; Persian, Ghadiyani)
  • الآنسة مخيفة (Al-ʾĀnisatu Muḵīfa; Arabic)



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