Little Miss Shy tries to prove she is going to the fair until she thinks if her loyal friend, Mr. Quiet will go with her. She also uses the phone but she is afraid talking on the phone. She tries to walk to the fair without being notice. Little Miss Helpful helps her get there after getting involved in some accidents. When Little Miss Shy arrives at the front of the fair, Little Miss Helpful leaves her there and she thinks it will not be fun for her and then she goes in. As she got embarrass by all of the fun, she runs away & hide. She hides under a cart & she reveals she shouldn't come & wanders how if she can get home. Little Miss Shy sees Mr Quiet who is also hiding & they share a little dinner still hiding under the cart. They had banana & honey sandwiches, Little Miss Shy's favourite sandwich. As the day became alot darker it was time for everybody to leave the fair & gone home. As Little Miss Shy & Mr Quiet were enjoying a long walk home. They got frighten by a nearby owl in the tree.



  • Little Miss Shy & Mr Quiet do seem to get along so well. Many fans think they should be married.
  • This is the 100th episode of the show.


  • In this episode Little Miss Shy is bigger than Mr. Chatterbox but smaller than Little Miss Helpful. This is odd considering that Little Miss Helpful and Mr. Chatterbox are usually shown to be roughly the same size.
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