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Muddle Skating 1675 This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Little Miss Splendid's Gift." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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UK Dub[]

(The title card appears.)

Narrator: Little Miss Splendid's Gift

(The title card disappears.)

(The episode begins with Little Miss Splendid walking up to her mirror.)

Miss Splendid: Oh, kind mirror. Thanks to you, I can look at myself all the time and admire my beauty. (giggles)

(Little Miss Splendid goes over to her purse and pulls out a smaller mirror from it.)

Miss Splendid: But oh goodness! Who will all the people of Misterland have to look at when I'm on holiday?

Narrator: Little Miss Splendid was going away to Seatown for four days.

(Little Miss Splendid gets an idea.)

Miss Splendid: I have an idea!

(Scene cuts to Mr. Tall carrying Mr. Small on his head after they've received invitations to Little Miss Splendid's going away party.)

Mr. Small: What luck to have run into you. Without your help, I would have missed Miss Splendid's invitation.

Mr. Tall: I'm glad to be of help, Mr. Small.

(Mr. Small spots Miss Magic driving in her car.)

Mr. Small: Oh look, here comes Miss Magic!

(Little Miss Magic stops right in front of them.)

Miss Magic: Legs shrink!

(Little Miss Magic uses her magic to shrink Mr. Tall's legs.)

Mr. Tall and Mr. Small: Ah!!!

Miss Magic: Come on! Get in! I'm going to the Magic Fish Pond.

Mr. Tall: That's very kind of you Miss Magic. But I'm afraid that won't be possible.

(Mr. Small hops off Mr. Tall's head.)

Mr. Small: You see, we've been invited to Miss Splendid's house. Kindly change his legs back or else we will be late.

Miss Magic: I see. Oh well. Legs stretch!

(Little Miss Magic uses her magic to grow Mr. Tall's legs back to their original length. Mr. Small grabs Mr. Tall's hand as he grows.)

Mr. Tall: (laughs)

Mr. Small: Whee!

Mr. Tall and Mr. Small: Thank you Miss Magic.

(Mr. Tall and Mr. Small continue to Little Miss Splendid's house while Little Miss Magic continues her drive. Meanwhile, Mr. Snooty is preparing to go to Little Miss Splendid's house when he almost steps on Walter the Worm. Luckily, Walter dives into his hole at the last minute.)

Walter: Oy!

Narrator: Apparently, a lot of people have been invited to Miss Splendid's party.

(Mr. Snooty walks to his car as Mr. Nosey peers from behind the gate.)

Narrator: Maybe Mr. Nosey hasn't.

(Mr. Nosey sees the invitation for Little Miss Splendid's party.)

Mr. Nosey: Oh, hello Mr. Uppity. Where are you going?

(Mr. Snooty walks by without saying anything. Just before he gets in his car, Mr. Nosey opens the door and looks inside.)

Mr. Nosey: Oh my! This car's enormous. I say, if you're going to Miss Splendid's party could you take me with you?

(Mr. Snooty closes the car door and he drives away.)

Mr. Nosey: Oh! (coughs) Oh no! Now I'll never get there on time!

(Mr. Nosey starts walking to the party when Little Miss Magic drives by and honks her horn to get his attention.)

Miss Magic (offscreen): Mr. Nosey!

(Mr. Nosey sees Little Miss Magic and she pulls over.)

Miss Magic: Are you off to Miss Splendid's house? Come along. Jump in

(Mr. Nosey gets into Little Miss Magic's car.)

Mr. Nosey: Oh thanks. I'm very curious to know why she's invited so many other people.

Miss Magic: I am too. Especially since she forgot to invite me.

(Mr. Nosey and Little Miss Magic make a U-Turn and drive over to Little Miss Splendid's house. At the party, Little Miss Magic hides behind a tree. Mr. Snooty, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Tall, and Mr. Small enjoy some tea with Mr. Small putting in the lumps of sugar himself. Mr. Nosey looks at the surprise (hidden under a red sheet) only to be stopped by Mr. Strong.)

Mr. Nosey: (chuckles nervously)

(Little Miss Splendid walks outside and welcomes her guests.)

Miss Splendid: Greetings everyone. The reason I have invited all of you here today is to celebrate a grand occasion.

(Little Miss Splendid joins Mr. Strong by the statue.)

Miss Splendid: As you all know, I am leaving for four days to stay with my cousins in Seatown.

Mr. Tall, Little Miss Star, Mr. Snooty, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Small, and Mr. Greedy: Ooh!

Miss Splendid: During this time I did not want to deprive you of my beauty so...Mr. Strong, if you please.

(Mr. Strong takes off the red sheet to reveal a life-sized statue of Little Miss Splendid.)

Mr. Tall, Little Miss Star, Mr. Nosey, and Mr. Greedy: Ooh! Goodness!

Mr. Small: Whee!

Mr. Snooty: Oh I say...

Miss Splendid: Isn't it a wonderful idea? While I'm away you will have this statue of me to admire.

(Little Miss Magic come out from behind the tree.)

Miss Magic: I have a better idea Miss Splendid

Miss Splendid: Uh...Uh...Miss Magic! I don't recall inviting you.

Miss Magic: Change into dolls!

(Little Miss Magic uses her magic to change the statue into dolls resembling Little Miss Splendid.)

Mr. Tall, Little Miss Star, Mr. Snooty, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Small, and Mr. Greedy: Oh! (giggles and laughs.)

(Mr. Tall takes one of the dolls.)

Mr. Tall: (laughs) How funny. I will place it on the mantle over my fireplace.

Mr. Snooty: Ha! A tall fellow of you should put it up on the roof (laughs)

(Mr. Small takes a doll.)

Mr. Small: I'll put mine in the garden to frighten all the birds away!

Miss Splendid: You mean like a...SCARECROW!?

Mr. Snooty: If you put that in your garden, you'll frighten everything away!

Miss Splendid: How rude! Will you kindly leave Mr. Uppity?

(Mr. Snooty leaves.)

Mr. Snooty: Don't worry, I'm going. You can keep your silly dolls. Goodbye.

Miss Splendid: You have spoiled my party Miss Magic! How can I go away?

(Little Miss Magic realizes her mistake.)

Miss Magic: Oh.

Miss Splendid: There is no Miss Splendid for everyone to admire!

Miss Magic: Soon fix that! Let there be two!

Miss Splendid: Oh!

(Little Miss Magic uses her magic to make a second Little Miss Splendid.)

Miss Magic: There now! One of you can stay...

Miss Splendids: Oh...

Miss Magic: While the other goes away

Miss Splendids: But which of us is the most beautiful?

(The two Little Miss Splendids look at each other and smile.)

(Fade to black.)

(Episode ends here.)

US Dub[]

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