Little Miss Splendid and the Beast is a book released in North America only and is the second book not to be written and illustrated by Roger or Adam Hargreaves. Instead it was written by Alice Downes and illustrated by J.T. Morrow.


Little Miss Splendid is out for a walk when she encounters the Beast in a dark castle. She wants nothing do with him, so she screams and runs away. But the Beast is quite friendly and even invites Little Miss Splendid to a banquet—and she does love banquets. Little Miss Splendid is in for a surprise when she finds out that the Beast is actually . . . Mr. Perfect!


  • Little Miss Splendid
  • The Beast
  • Mr. Strong (Does Not Speak)
  • Little Miss Shy (Does Not Speak)
  • Mr. Fussy (does not speak)
  • Little Miss Chatterbox (does not speak)


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