Little Miss Star the Leading Witness is the 30th episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 28 March, 1996.


Little Miss Star will do anything to get in the headlines. So she hides in Mr. Dizzy's house, to make people think she has been kidnapped. Everything goes according to plan, for her disappearance is the subject of much concern in the news. The next day, she appears on television, disguised as the Masked Avenger and pretends to be the number 1 witness in the investigation. But her ploy is soon thwarted and Little Miss Star will only have been famous for one day. What a stroke of luck! A production from Jollywood has seen Little Miss Star as the Masked Avenger on television and he hires her for his next film!



  • Jollywood Studios could be a parody of Hollywood Pictures.
  • This is the only episode in which Little Miss Trouble has a recurring role which she doesn't cause trouble for the majority of the episode. Although she did insult Little Miss Star and confronted her while she was the Masked Avenger, it is very likely that she was only doing it because she did not realise that the Masked Avenger was Little Miss Star in disguise.
  • Pre-filmed footage from A Surprise for Mr. Tall and Mr. Skinny Is Up the Spout is used, as is a prototype scene from Mr. Mean hasn't a Penny Left.
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