Little Miss Stubborn Goes Right to the Bitter end is an episode from Mr. Men and Little Miss.

Little Miss Stubborn has invited Little Miss Brainy and Mr. Greedy for tea, while Mr. Greedy ask that how big is the Tiny Island, the smallest island in the world( Litle Miss Brainy said it's 2 m long and 1 m wide). To find that this is true, Little Miss Stubborn went to the Tiny Island by herself. When she wants to go there by boat, the captain said there'll be a storm( which of course she didn't listen, and bought the boat to the Tiny Island. There' s really a storm and Little Miss Stubborn was rolled away by the waves, but she had somehow arrived the Tiny Island, where she meets Little Miss Tiny who cones there for her holiday. Since Little Miss Stubborn has lost her ruler, she measured the island by Little Miss Tiny directly and knew that Little Miss Brainy's measurement was right( since Little Miss Tiny said she is 5 cm tall).


Little Miss Stubborn

Little Miss Brainy

Mr. Greedy


Boat captian

Little Miss Tiny

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