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Little Miss Sunshine


Book No.
4 (UK and US)
31 (France)
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Little Miss Neat (UK and US)
Little Miss Dotty (France)
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Little Miss Tiny (UK and US)
Little Miss Star (France)
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Little Miss Sunshine is the fourth book (second book in France) in the Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves.

About her[]

  • Colour: Yellow
  • Shape: Round
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Cheery, joyful, excited, caring, beautiful, bright, friendly, good, pretty, nice, polite, kind, happy, lucky, playful, helpful, considerate, happy-go-lucky.
  • Family: None
  • Friends: Most of the Mr. Men and Little Misses (except the ones listed below)
  • Rivals: Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Grumble, Mr. Rude, Mr. Stubborn, Little Miss Bossy, Mr. Mean, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Bad
  • Occupation: Varies, co-host of Good Morning Dillydale (The Mr. Men Show)
  • Likes: Sunshine, good manners, being polite, fish chowder, flowers, music, buttons, polka dots, beads, jewellery, pretty things, bubbles, trains, rainbows, happiness, joy, laughter, unicorns
  • Dislikes: Darkness, fear, sadness, Mr. Rude, Mr. Stubborn's lies, Mr. Rude's rudeness, dragon fish, anything scary, crocodiles, corn
  • Job: Cheering people up
  • Features: Red hairbows
  • Nationality: American (US/UK) Somerset (UK; post-1983 series incarnations only)
  • Voice actresses: Pauline Collins (1983), Jill Shilling (Mr. Men and Little Miss), Alyson Court (US dub), Alicyn Packard (The Mr. Men Show; US), Jo Wyatt (The Mr. Men Show; UK, season 1), Emma Tate (The Mr. Men Show; UK, season 2), Fily Keita (The Mr. Men Show; French dub), Reiko Takagi (The Mr. Men Show; Japan), Lee So-yeong and An Hyeon-seo (The Mr. Men Show; South Korea)
  • Catchphrase: 'I love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!' Good morning Dillydale.



Little Miss Sunshine in the books

Little Miss Sunshine First Edition

Little Miss Sunshine first edition

There was a king who lived in a castle in Miseryland, the most miserable place in the world where everyone was sad and cried every day. The king was even more miserable than anyone else in Miseryland, and sat on his throne all day long crying about how unhappy he was. According to his rules, laughing, smiling, and being happy were not allowed. One day, Little Miss Sunshine was coming home from holiday when she saw a sign saying 'To Miseryland'. She never heard of this place before, so she decided to go to Miseryland. Once she entered, she saw a sign which forbids smiling and laughing. She went to the castle and decided to talk to the king about the strange rules. Just then, she was stopped by a guard at the bridge door. She smiles at the guard, who arrested her just for smiling (which he claims is a serious crime) and took her to see the king, who was still crying his eyes out. The guard told the king that Little Miss Sunshine smiled at him. Little Miss Sunshine laughed, but this caused the king to cry even more. Little Miss Sunshine wondered if the king would ever like to be happy, and the king said he would, but he couldn't because of Miseryland's rule that being happy was not allowed. Little Miss Sunshine thought for a moment and brought the king to her car, driving him back to the picket sign. With a large pen, she renamed Miseryland to Laughterland and changed the rules so smiling and laughing were allowed. However, the king still didn't know how to be happy because he never tried it, so Little Miss Sunshine taught him to smile and laugh. The king, no longer miserable, decided to proclaim himself as the king of Laughterland. Little Miss Sunshine then went home and met Mr. Happy, who was on his evening stroll. She told him that she just got back from Miseryland. Mr. Happy didn't know there was such a place, but Little Miss Sunshine reassured him that there wasn't a place like that anymore.

Little Miss Sunshine is one of the happiest people in the world, besides Mr. Happy, Mr. Cheerful, and Little Miss Giggles.

The Mr. Men Show[]


Little Miss Sunshine is a recurring character in the 2008 TV series The Mr. Men Show.

She kept her looks and personality except her nose and hair change from yellow to light tan, and runs a morning show called 'Good Morning Dillydale' with her partner, Mr. Happy. Her voice is very perky. Her house is pink, with a flowerbed, and flowers on the house as well.

She is voiced by Alicyn Packard in the US dub and by Jo Wyatt (Season 1) and Emma Tate (Season 2) in the UK dub. She is first seen in Physical.

International publications & translations[]

This is a list of alternate titles for this book being published internationally:

  • Miss Fach Yr Heulwen (Welsh)
  • Miss Grianmhar (Irish)
  • Madame Bonheur (French)
  • Unsere Sonja Sonnenschein (German)
  • Doña Contenta (Castilian Spanish, 1988)
  • Doña Sonrisas (Castilian Spanish, 1999)
  • Miss Alegría (Castilian Spanish, 2011)
  • Miss Alegria (Catalonian Spanish)
  • Miss Tiernecita (Chilean Spanish)
  • Miss Raggio di sole (Italian)
  • Juffertje Zonneschijn (Dutch, 1986)
  • Mevrouwtje Zonnestraal (Dutch, 1998)
  • Senhora Alegria (Portuguese)
  • Η Κυρία Χαρωπίτσα (I Kyría Charopítsa) (Greek, 1988)
  • Η Κυρία Γελαστούλα (I Kyría Gelastoúla) (Greek, 1994)
  • Lille Frøken Solskin (Danish)
  • Lille Frøken Solskinn (Norwegian)
  • Fröken Sólskinsbros (Icelandic, 1980s)
  • Ungfrú Sól (Icelandic, 2004)
  • Mała Promyczek (Polish)
  • Mala Sončica (Slovenian)
  • Miss Napsugár (Hungarian)
  • Micuța Domnișoară Veselie (Romanian)
  • Госпођица Сунчица (Gospođica Sunčica; Serbian)
  • Küçük Bayan Günışığı (Turkish)
  • Пани Солнышнина (Pani Solnyshnina; Russian, 2004)
  • Мисс Лучик (Miss Luchik; Russian in The Mr. Men Show)
  • Мисс Саншайн (same transcription; Russian, 2023)
  • 樂觀小姐 (Lèguān Xiǎojiě; Taiwan)
  • 阳光小姐 (Yángguāng Xiǎojiě; China)
  • 陽光小姐 (Joeng⁴ gwong¹ Siu² ze²; Cantonese)
  • ニコニコちゃん (NicoNico-chan; Japanese)
  • 밝아양 (Balga-yang; Korean)
  • 햇살양 (Haetsal-yang; Korean in The Mr. Men Show, EBS dub)
  • คุณหนูสดใส (Kun-nǔu Sòt-sǎi; Thai)
  • גברת צוחקת (Gvéret Tsokhéket; Hebrew, 1989)
  • גברת קרן-שמש (Gvéret Kéren-Shémesh; Hebrew in Mr. Men and Little Miss)
  • גברת קרן אור (Gvéret Kéren 'ór; Hebrew in The Mr. Men Show)
  • גברת מותק (Gvéret Mótek; Hebrew, 2013)
  • גברת מאושרת (Gvéret M'ushéret; Hebrew, 2021)
  • بهيجة هانم (Bahīja Hānim; Arabic, 2007)
  • الآنسة إشراقة‎ (Al-ʾĀnisatu ʾIšrāqah; Arabic, 2014)
  • خانم کوچولوی آفتابی (Xânom Kučulu-ye Âftâbi; Persian, Gohar Danesh/Avae Andisheh)
  • الآنسة شمس (Al-ʾĀnisatu Šamasa; Arabic in The Mr. Men Show, Jeem TV dub)
  • الآنسة مبتهجة (Al-ʾĀnisatu Mubtahija; Arabic in The Mr. Men Show, SpaceToon dub)
  • ترگل ‌خانم (Targol-e Xânom; Persian, Ghadiyani)

List of characters[]

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.

  • Mr. Happy
  • Miseryland worms
  • Miseryland birds
  • Guard
  • King of Miseryland
  • Mr. Small [cameo on Miss Sunshine's purse]
  • Mr. Silly (on cover saying, Hello Sunshine!)

Title character other appearances[]

Book Appearances[]
Television Appearances[]
Mr. Men Little Miss / ミスターメン リトルミス[]
Mr. Men Mini Cinema Appearances[]


General/book trivia[]

  • She is served as the mascot of the Little Miss series.
  • In The Great Alphabet Hunt, she had a Scottish accent.
  • She has an American accent in the original UK version of the 1983 Little Misses series. The accent was dropped afterwards.
  • Little Miss Sunshine made a cameo alongside Mr. Tickle, Mr. Happy, and Mr. Tall in a 'Book People Unite' commercial in the ending scene in the crowd of literary characters.
  • According to a comic from the 1980s, Little Miss Sunshine is a Virgo. Meaning her birthday is somewhere between 23 August and 22 September.
  • Little Miss Sunshine has her own Instagram account as of 2019.
  • She is the first character to sport freckles (not counting Mr. Thrifty).
  • Her story is the only one to be faithfully adapted for the 1983 series of shorts. The rest were either slightly altered and/or censored.
  • Little Miss Sunshine likes having lemon and sugar on her pancakes. Something she has in common with Adam Hargreaves.

The Mr. Men Show trivia[]

  • In the deleted scene of 'Hotel' her voice can be heard while the Angry Heads are yelling at Mr. Rude even though her head isn't shown. This is fixed in the UK dub of the deleted scene which can be found in one of the DVDs.
  • She has a fondness for buttons as shown in 'Arts and Crafts' and 'Driving', the latter in which she wanted to go to a rainbow and buttons store.
  • She appeared more in Season 2 than Season 1.
  • In 'Reptiles', Little Miss Sunshine had a pink lizard for a pet called Pinky. She also has a pet poodle shown in 'Trees'.
  • The only times she was angry were in Movies, Surprises, Paint, Music, Clocks and Sneezes and Hiccups.
  • In Season 1 in the UK, her voice was very squeaky and high-pitched. But in the original American dub and UK Season 2, her voice sounded normal. However, she did keep her US singing voice in Movies.


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